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SGE-245-0-4900N 05000C-05000C OMRON SGE-245-0-4900N 05000C-05000C

Country: JAPAN
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OMRON SGE-245-0-4900N 05000C-05000C
Actuator: Adjustable roller lever, form lock (metal lever, rubbe roller).
Conduit size: 1-conduit; M20.
Built-in switch mechanism: 1NC/1NO MBB(Slow-action).
Popular Safety Limit Switches.
Providing a Full Lineup Conforming to,
International Standards.
Lineup includes models with 1NC/1NO, 2NC, 2NC/1NO and,
3NC contact forms OMRON SGE-245-0-4900N 05000C-05000C.
(Slow-action models with MBB contacts are available.)
M12-connector models are also available, saving on labor and,
simplifying replacement SGE-245-0-4900N 05000C-05000C
Standardized gold-clad contacts provide high contact reliability.
Can be used with both standard loads and microloads OMRON SGE-245-0-4900N 05000C-05000C.
Conforms to EN115-1, EN81-1, and EN81-2 (slow-action models only).
Certified standards: UL, EN (TÜV), and CCC . Supply voltage: 24 VDC.
Input type: DC voltage, DC current, or PNP input.
Output type: Judgement output, 2 relay contact outputs (SPST-NO);
Data transmission output, RS-485.
1/32 DIN Digital Panel Meter for Downsizing.
Equipment and Control Panels.
Compact size: 48 x 24 x 82 (W x H x D) OMRON SGE-245-0-4900N 05000C-05000C.
Multi-input compatible: DC voltage/current, rotary pulse.
Two display colors (switchable): green/red .
Selectable outputs.
CE marking and UL/CSA approval.
Splash-proof construction (NEMA4X: equivalent to IP66). Number of beams: 20.
Protective height: 430mm.
Previously light curtains only offered status indicators.
The three types of indicators on the F3SR-B are not only,
status indicators but enable.
the user to completely understand the status at a glance,
further enhancing usability. Type: 1-Conduit, with connector.
Contact configuration: Slow-action; 1NC/1NO.
Conduit opening/Connector: M12 connector.
Multi-contact, Labor-saving,
Environment-friendly, Next,
generation Safety-door Switch.
Lineup includes three contact models with 2NC/1NO,
and 3NC contact forms and MBB models in addition,
to the previous contact forms 1NC/1NO, and 2NC.
M12-connector models are available, saving on,
labor and simplifying replacement.
Standardized gold-clad contacts provide high,
contact reliability.
Applicable to both standard loads and microloads.
Variety of metallic heads availaable . Sensing distance: 5 to 100 mm SGE-245-0-4900N 05000C-05000C.
Smart Static Electricity Sensing: Making Static Electricity Visible.
Compact sensor head and smart digital amplifier measure,
the electrostatic charge quantity of workpieces at all times.
Multi-point measureemeents and data logging of the static,
electricity quantity can be performed easily SGE-245-0-4900N 05000C-05000C.
Best long-distance, high-precision measurements in the industry.
SGE-245-0-4900N 05000C-05000C Operation manual/Instructions/Model selection sample download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=SGE-245-0-4900N 05000C-05000C&select=5

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