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OMRON SGE-245-0-5050N 05000C-05000C Price SGE-245-0-5050N 05000C-05000C

Country: JAPAN
Market price: U.S.$ 0
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OMRON SGE-245-0-5050N 05000C-05000C
Name: Remote I/O Master.
Model: C200HW-SRM21-V1.Description: OS32C with EtherNet/IP and back location cable entry.
Max. Operating Range (Safety Zone): 4m.
Remarks: CD-ROM (Configuration tool) OS supported: Windows 2000,
Windows XP (32-bit version, Service Pack 3 or later),
Windows Vista (32-bit version), Windows 7 (32-bit version/64-bit version),
For configuration tool version, refer to page 23 SGE-245-0-5050N 05000C-05000C
Compact (104.5 mm), lightweight (1.3 kg),
and easy-to-install Safety Laser Scanner.
Provides a safety circuit of PLd/Safety Category 3 (ISO13849-1) without a,
dedicated controller SGE-245-0-5050N 05000C-05000C Price.
Type 3 Safety Laser Scanner complies with IEC61496-1/-3.
70 sets of safety zone and warning zone combinations are available,
supporting complicated changes in working environments .
A safety radius up to 4 m and warning zone(s) radius up to 15 m can be set.
The minimum object resolution can be changed to 30, 40, 50 or 70 mm.
The response time is configurable from 80 ms to a maximum of 680 ms SGE-245-0-5050N 05000C-05000C Price.
Reference Boundary Monitoring function prevents unauthorized changes in,
the scanner position.
Minimal down time, sensor block can be replaced without the need to reprogram . Receptacle box: G 1/2 Conduit.
Indicator: With neon lamp indicator (AC).
Actuator: Roller lever *1, High-sensitivity, Low-torque.
Approved standards: UL, CSA.
The Limit Switch with Better Seal,
Shock Resistance, and Strength.
A double seal on the head, a complete gasket cover, and,
other features ensure a better seal (meets UL NEMA 3, 4, 4X, 6P, 12, 13).
Wide standard operating temperature range:
-40°C to +100°C (standard type).
Models with fluoro-rubber available for greater resistance to chemicals.
Block mounting method also reduces downtime for maintenance.
DPDT, double-break models available for complex operations.
Approved by UL, CSA, and CCC (Chinese standard).
(Ask your OMRON representative for information on approved model.) Appearance: Square/Projection type LED lighting,
(without Voltage Reduction Unit) A22L-D.
Output: SPST-NO.
Lighting: LED.
Operating voltage: 24 VAC/VDC.
Operation: Momentary operation (self-resetting).
Illumination color: R (red); Y (yellow); G (green); W (white); A (blue).
Install in 22-dia. or 25-dia. Panel Cutout.
(When Using a Ring).
Lever for easily mounting and removing the Switch Unit . OMRON SGE-245-0-5050N 05000C-05000C.
Increase wiring efficiency with three-row mounting of Switch Blocks.
Finger protection mechanism on Switch Unit provided as a standard feature.
Use 25-dia. ring to install in 25-dia. panel cutouts.
Mounteed using either open-type (fork-type) or closed-type OMRON SGE-245-0-5050N 05000C-05000C.
(round-type) crimp terminals.
IP65 oil resistance (non-lighted models).
IP65 (lighted models).
SGE-245-0-5050N 05000C-05000C Operation manual/Instructions/Model selection sample download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=SGE-245-0-5050N 05000C-05000C&select=5

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