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SGE-245-2-0240 00500C OMRON SGE-245-2-0240 00500C

Country: JAPAN
Market price: U.S.$ 0
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OMRON SGE-245-2-0240 00500C
Item: FZ4 Series Controllers; Quad Processing High-speed Controllers.
Descriptions: Box-type controllers.
High-Grade Proc'' Items: --.
No.of cameras: 4.
Output: PNP.
Remarks: --.
Speed and accuracy determine the basic,
performance of sensing.Usability efficiently,
puts that performance to work OMRON SGE-245-2-0240 00500C. OMRON’s FZ,
Series of Vision Sensors represent an evolu,
tionary journey that takes these three aspects,
from the past and into the future to allow you,
to increase quality SGE-245-2-0240 00500C Type: Welding / wire type, with right column.
Driving rod: swing lever type.
Terminal specifications: with wire, under the lead OMRON SGE-245-2-0240 00500C.
Contact specifications: 1c.
The minimum size of the long stroke type can be reliably switch
The body part size is 78% of the previous generation product, which is beneficial to the miniaturization of the equipment .
No swing bars are also used for easy long stroke specifications (OT reference value: 1.4mm).
Without harmful substances to the environment, the lead type has also been lead-free OMRON SGE-245-2-0240 00500C. Power ratings: 60 W.
Input voltage: Single phase, 100 to 240 VAC, 90 to 350 VDC.
Output Voltage: 12 V .
Output current: 4.5 A.
Boost Current: 5.4 A.
Reliable and Easy Operation-Worldwide Power Supply.
Resistant in tough environments.
Easy and fast installation.
The most compact class on the market.
Universal input for worldwide applications:
100 to 240 VAC (85 to 264 VAC).
DC input can be available: 90 to 350 VDC.
Possible for 2-phase input usage.
Wide operation temperature range: –40 to 70 °C.
Power Boost function at 120%.
Safety standards:
UL508/60950-1, CSA C22.2 No. 107.1/60950-1.
EN50178, EN60950-1.
Lloyd’s standards, EN60204-1 PELV.
Safety of Power Transformers: EN61558-2-16.
ANSI/ISA 12.12.01 (excluding 480-W models).
CSA C22.2 No.213 (excluding 480-W models).
15-W,30-W, and 60-W models conform to.
UL Class 2 output Standards.
EMS: EN 61204-3.
EMI: EN 61204-3 Class B.
Three years Warranty *1. Size: 48 x 96mm.
Control output 1: relay output (open).
Control output 2: relay output (off).
Auxiliary output: 2.
Communication mode: -.
Heater disconnection: -.
Event input: -.
Plug in terminal.
Potentiometer input: there.
Power supply voltage: AC100 ~ 240V.
New highlight LCD panel, ffont larger, display more clearly integrated low power design,
Longer life performance stability,
Perfect function of proportional valve control special (some models have no potentiometer input virtual opening function)
E5AC-PR-800 white LCDPV ddispplay height to reach 25mm, greatly improve the visibility SGE-245-2-0240 00500C SGE-245-2-0240 00500C.
The main body is short, and the diameter is only 60mm.
50ms high speed sampling period.
SGE-245-2-0240 00500C Operation manual/Instructions/Model selection sample download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=SGE-245-2-0240 00500C&select=5

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