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SGE-225-5-2850 10000C-00200F OMRON SGE-225-5-2850 10000C-00200F

Country: JAPAN
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OMRON SGE-225-5-2850 10000C-00200F
Appearance: Unshielded, M12.
Sensing distance: 4 mm.
Output configuration: DC 3-wire, NPN.
Model: Operation mode, NC.
General-purpose Threaded.
Capacitive Sensor.
Product lineup with M12, M18, and M30 models.
Fixed sensing distance requires no sensitivity adjustment. Model: CPM2C-20C1DT1C-D. CPU Unit: Units with 20 I/O points OMRON SGE-225-5-2850 10000C-00200F.
2 Fujitsu connectors.
Inputs: 12 inputs.
Outputs: 8 outputs.
Input type: 24 VDC SGE-225-5-2850 10000C-00200F
Output type: sourcing transistor.
Internal clock: Yes.Number of beams: 18.
Protective height: 385mm.
Model: NPN output.
EASY type reduces implementation costs.
with 1/2 the mounting time OMRON SGE-225-5-2850 10000C-00200F.
In pursuit of simple functions: Upon detection of personnel,
the machine stops.
Can be used for simple hand intrusion detection .
Implementation costs can be significantly reduced. Control supply voltage: 110/220 VAC; Without voltage fluctuation compensation.
Operating current: 1 to 2 A.
Accurate Detection of Heater Element.
Burnout Regardless of Heater Capacities OMRON SGE-225-5-2850 10000C-00200F.
Accurately detects a burned heater element or elements incor,
porated by a molding machine or packing machine and outputs,
an alarm signal .
Precisely singles out the burned element even if one heater el,
ement among several heater elements has been burned out.
Applicable to small- to large-capacity heater elements.
All K2CU-F large-capacity, built-in current transformer models,
work with both single-phase and three-phase heaters.
Voltage fluctuation compensation function eliminates false,
alarms due to variations in the supply voltage. Classification: Exclusive Models.
Description: Silicone covered lead wires.
Temperature range (See note 3.): 0°C to 300°C.
Element type: K (CA).
Conductor type: Grounded type.
Class: 2 (0.75).
Protective tubing material: SUS304.
Terminal type: Exposed lead wires.
Page: 42.
A Wide Variety of High-prrecision .
Temperature Sensors.
Previous models with M3 screw connections have been joined,
by new models with ferrules to help reduce wiring work SGE-225-5-2850 10000C-00200F.
Ideal for the thermal input devices of Temperature Controllers.
Select from a wide variety of Teempperature Sensors according,
to the temperature to be measured, location, and environment,
and also according to the type and shape of the terminal SGE-225-5-2850 10000C-00200F.
SGE-225-5-2850 10000C-00200F Operation manual/Instructions/Model selection sample download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=SGE-225-5-2850 10000C-00200F&select=5

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