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SGE-245-0-4150N 05000C-05000C OMRON SGE-245-0-4150N 05000C-05000C

Country: JAPAN
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OMRON SGE-245-0-4150N 05000C-05000C
Size: 48 x 96mm.
Ontology: terminal type, temperature input type.
Type: control output 1 point type (power AC/DC24V).
Shell color: black.
Control output: voltage output (SSR driver).
Control mode: standard or heating cooling.
Auxiliary output points: 3 points.
Heater with broken wire, SSR fault, heater over current detection function /ES1B power supply: single phase heater with detection function SGE-245-0-4150N 05000C-05000C
Event entry point: 2.
Transfer output: -.
Communication: -.
The general temperature controller 96mm, 48 * 96mm square has been upgraded to improve the performance and function of / OMRON SGE-245-0-4150N 05000C-05000C.
Indicates that the accuracy of the upgrade, increase the function of prevention and maintenance, further enhance the performance .
Add PV/SV state display function, to see the state of the thermostat
(automatic / manual, RUN/STOP, alarm), interactive display PV/SV.
Increase the number of control output ON/OFF counting function, can prevent the maintenance of temperature controller internal relay OMRON SGE-245-0-4150N 05000C-05000C.
Increased the 3 segment display, which can display the current value / target / operation.
Increased the PF key, the distribution of automatic / manual, RUN/STOP, etc . , can be a key operation. Number of beams: 40.
Protective height: 830mm.
Model: PNP.
Easy-to-use Safety Sensor Ideal for.
Simple On/Off Detection Applications.
Provides simple safety functions - saving TCO.
by reducing errors.
Simple wiring with only 4 wires.
Fast response time of 5 ms. Contact type: Standard load (250 VAC, 2 A; 125 VDC 0.4 A).
Operation: Momentary operation (Self-resetting).
Output: DPDT.
Lighting: Incandescent lamp, 28 VDC.
Operation Unit color symbol: Enter the desired color symbol for the,
Pushbutton in @@. R (Red); Y (Yellow); G (Green); A (Blue); W (White).
Pushbutton Switch Series with.
Square 40-mm Body.
Combines miniature design with distinct but soft sense of operation.
Easy panel mounting from the front and simple lamp replacement.
without tools. Type: rectangle.
Screen mode: level 2.
Output: SPDT.
Power supply voltage: DC24V.
Contact type: standard load (AC250V, 3A; DC30V, 3A).
Operation: instantaneous action (auto reset).
Color: yellow.
Color: white.
In the touch and the ability to protect than OMRON''s previous models have improvedd .
The micro volume design of 233mm is realized SGE-245-0-4150N 05000C-05000C.
Micro design and unique combination of soft sensing.
LED has five colors (red, yellow, green, white, and blue).
Built in basic switch improves touch.
Built in basic switches in the previous modell bbased on the OMRON to improve the protection SGE-245-0-4150N 05000C-05000C.
Chip LED to produce a uniform surface brightness.
From the front panel installation, more convenient.
SGE-245-0-4150N 05000C-05000C Operation manual/Instructions/Model selection sample download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=SGE-245-0-4150N 05000C-05000C&select=5

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