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OMRON SGE-245-0-4850N 05000C-05000C SGE-245-0-4850N 05000C-05000C

Country: JAPAN
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OMRON SGE-245-0-4850N 05000C-05000C
Power supply: AC power supply.
Output method: Transistor output source type.
Inputs points: 12 points.
Outputs points: 8 points.Type: Flat Cable.
Terminal Block: Terminal block with M3 screws.
Connector: Flat Cable Connectors*1.
No. of poles: 50.
Simplifies Connector and terminal,
block replacement, and requires less,
in-panel wiring OMRON SGE-245-0-4850N 05000C-05000C.
Mount to DIN Track or via screws.
MIL Flat Cable Connectors and Multi-pole, Square,
Connectors are standard SGE-245-0-4850N 05000C-05000C
Terminal blocks available with either M3 or M3.5 screws.
Connecting Cables for Programmable Controllers,
available (sold separately) OMRON SGE-245-0-4850N 05000C-05000C. Function name: single phase 200V.
Power: 1.5KW.
Rated output voltage: 3 phase, 200 ~ 240V (the output voltage can not exceed the input voltage) .
Built in brake unit (brake resistance needs to be matched).
Weight: 1.6KG.
Dimension (w * h) 128mm *:108.
Outline dimension (deep):170.5mm.
Mechanical automation concept.
Positioning function.
The use of options.
(EtherCAT, CompoNet and DeviceNet) to realize the field bus communication OMRON SGE-245-0-4850N 05000C-05000C.
Driver programming function.
Current vector control.
High starting torque: 0 . 5Hz up to 200%.
Safety features, in compliance with ISO13849-1:2008 EN (Cat.3/PLd) and IEC60204-1 stop level 0 standard.
Frequency output up to 580H. Number of elements: 3.
Insulation method: Photocoupler.
Rated supply voltage: 100 to 240 VAC.
Applicable motor: 2.2 kW (11.1 A), 200 to 220 VAC.
Solid State Contactors That Can Drive 3-phase Motors Frequently,
and Achieve Harmonized Protection with Thermal.
Overload Relays.
Certified for UL and CSA.
Mount with screws or to DIN tracks.
Compact monoblock construction (W: 80 × H: 100 × D: 100 mm).
with a heat sink.
Snubber circuit and varistor are built-in.
Operation indicator.
Two-element models added to series. Thermocouple type: K (CA).
Heat resistance: heat resistant.
Outside: all glass fiber outer wrapping stainless steel shielding layer.
Compensating wire llength: 4 M .
A variety of high prrecision temperature sensor series SGE-245-0-4850N 05000C-05000C.
On the basis of the previous M3 screw,
An additional rod like terminal corresponding to the reduced wiring working hours.
A temperature sensor is used as a thermal sensor for a theermmostat SGE-245-0-4850N 05000C-05000C.
According to the temperature, place, the surrounding environment to be measured.
Products with various shapes, shapes, lengths and terminals.

SGE-245-0-4850N 05000C-05000C Operation manual/Instructions/Model selection sample download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=SGE-245-0-4850N 05000C-05000C&select=5

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