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OMRON SGE-245-0-3790 01000C-01000C

Country: JAPAN
Market price: U.S.$ 0
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OMRON SGE-245-0-3790 01000C-01000C
Power supply voltage: DC24V.
Control output: PNP output. Output: SPDT.
Lighting: LED.
Operating voltage: 24 VAC/VDC.
Pushbutton colorsymbol: R: red, Y: yellow; PY: pure yellow
G: green, A: blue; W: white; B: black *2.
Item: Momentary operation (Self-resetting).
Separate Construction with.
Cylindrical 16-dia OMRON . Body.
Miniature design of 28.5 mm, the smallest class in the industry.
Detachable Switch SGE-245-0-3790 01000C-01000C
The same contacts can be used for both standard loads and microloads.
Easy-to-wire terminal arrangement.
Certified for EN 60947-5-1. Output method: Relay.
Inputs: ---.
Outputs: 16 OMRON . Minimum order: 50.
Material: Brass/nickel plated.
Suitable connector: XS2C/XS2R/XS2F/XS2P/XS2W/XW3B/XS5F/XS5W/XS5R/XS5P/XW3D;
Mounting portion, M12 female screw (thread bracket) .
Water- and Environment-resistive FA.
Connectors Save Wiring and Maintenance Effort.
Compact FA connectors meet IP67 requirements and ensure a,
94V-0 fire retardant rating.
A wide array of connectors makes a wiring system more modular,
simplifies maintenance, and reduces downtime OMRON .
Connectors with Cables and Connector Assemblies are available .
Three types of Connector Assembly: Crimping, soldering, and screw-on.
Connectors with Cables are UL certified.
Based on IEC61076-2-101 (IEC60947-5-2) and NECA 4202. Number of beams: 98.
Protective height: 1985mm.
Model: NPN output.
Basic Type with a combination of.
performance and functionality.
Up to three sets of series-connected sensors.
The muting function is enabled simply with Muting Key Cap.
Comes standard with interlock and auxiliary output functions. Type: Monochrome; PNP; EtherCAT communication function provided.
Key features and benefits.
Made specifically for pick & place,
Encoder input for conveyor tracking,
and calibration.
Shape based object detection.
Smart calibration wizard.
Sysmac Studio software for vision.
system operation and setting. Size: 48 x 48mm.
Control output 1: current.
Auxiliary (alarm) output: 3.
Transfer output: have.
Event input: 2.
Communication: -.
Break detection: -.
Power supply voltage: DC24V/AC24V.
The white PV (current value) with excellent visibility shows the segment to make the confirmation work more easily.
Eye-catching white + industry''s largest display size
The black and white display and the industry''s largest display size to achieve excelllent visibility .
No matter from whicch angle or in the natural lighting environment, the dark scene,
Can quickly and accurately confirm the current value OMRON SGE-245-0-3790 01000C-01000C.
Displays the current value (PV/ white), the target value (SV/ green) and the progress of tthee program (PRG, SEG/ yellow) OMRON SGE-245-0-3790 01000C-01000C.
Can be viewed at the same time, there is no need to switch the display, so as to improve the efficiency of operations.
SGE-245-0-3790 01000C-01000C Operation manual/Instructions/Model selection sample download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=SGE-245-0-3790 01000C-01000C&select=5

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