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Dong Mingzhu recommends GREE robot and Silver Dragon intends to purchase 8 billion
Article source: Caixin Release time: 2017-3-7
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GREE since 2013 began to enter the field of intelligent equipment, but basically no external supply, as of the end of 2016, export equipment output value of about 1 billion yuan. GREE plans to join the Zhuhai silver dragon, in 2017 to achieve a fundamental breakthrough. In March 4th, Zhuhai GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd held intelligent equipment products conference, Zhuhai Yinlong chairman Wei Yincang attended and delivered a speech in the cooperation agreement to be signed in Zhuhai in 2017, long silver 8 billion yuan purchase of GREE intelligent equipment.
8 billion yuan purchase is expected to be pushed to the ranks of the domestic smart equipment leading enterprises GREE. Shenyang SIASUN robot automation Limited by Share Ltd is the leading domestic industrial robots, its 2016 results letters show that in 2016 the total revenue of about 2 billion 33 million yuan.
GREE told Caixin reporter, intelligent equipment, including industrial robots and CNC machine tools and other intelligent equipment, the specific proportion is not clear.
February 20th, GREE electric announced that plans to sign a cooperation agreement with Zhuhai silver dragon, in the field of intelligent equipment, mold, casting, automotive air conditioning, electric motor control, new energy vehicles, energy storage and other fields. In the above areas, the two sides enjoy the priority to purchase the right to cooperate in an annual cycle, the total amount of mutual procurement is not more than 20 billion yuan.
After the release of the cooperation agreement, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern, requiring detailed disclosure of GREE cooperation plan. In February 23rd, GREE released the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announcement letter on answer. Announcements, Zhuhai Silver Dragon plan in 2017 to purchase GREE smart appliances, industrial products about 19 billion yuan. Among them, 8 billion yuan of intelligent equipment, industrial products, $11 billion. GREE Zhuhai purchase of new energy vehicles, energy storage equipment accounted for only 20 billion yuan of total purchases of about $1 billion, about $5%.
Dong Mingzhu is Zhuhai silver long individual shareholders, the current shareholding ratio in Zhuhai Silver Dragon 10%. GREE and Zhuhai plans to sign a cooperation agreement to be signed by the relevant parties need to be considered by the general meeting of shareholders, GREE plans to convene a general meeting in March 8th to vote on the cooperation program.
GREE and Zhuhai silver long binding appears, began in February 2016, GREE's acquisition plan, the final acquisition of Zhuhai Silver Dragon program has not been adopted by the general meeting of shareholders of GREE. November 2016, GREE announced the termination of the acquisition. A month later, Dong Mingzhu announced that the joint company common shares, Wanda in Zhuhai long silver.
From February 2016 to date, the question of cooperation between GREE and Zhuhai silver long questioned. The focus of the question, including the Zhuhai Silver Dragon 13 billion valuation is too high, the mainstream of its lithium titanate battery technology roadmap. After the termination of the acquisition, Dong Mingzhu personal stake triggered speculation about the whereabouts of their retirement. GREE is now seeking to reach a close partnership with the Zhuhai silver dragon, a large number of related party transactions concern.
The Shenzhen stock exchange letters of concern, also asked GREE to analysis Zhuhai silver long performance ability. As of the end of 2016, the total assets of Zhuhai silver dragon is about 19 billion 131 million yuan, while in 2017 plans to purchase GREE smart equipment and industrial products will reach $19 billion.
GREE announcement replied, Zhuhai Silver Dragon plan in 2017 to achieve sales of new energy vehicles 30 thousand, revenue is expected to reach $30 billion. However, the announcement also disclosed that as of February 20, 2017, Zhuhai, a total of 12 sales of new energy vehicles, due to the first half of the second half of the year and the country's new energy subsidy policy adjustments.
Dong Mingzhu Zhuhai silver long so persistent, derived from a variety of pressures. The main rival GREE and Haier have diversified layout through acquisitions, the first three quarters of 2016, home appliance three ranking change, the United States through acquisitions beyond GREE, GREE dropped to third.
Dong Mingzhu spoke at the October 28, 2016 meeting also said, GREE air conditioning market share has reached about 40%, there is not much room for growth ", is immortal and there is no way to expand".
Acquisition of Zhuhai silver long failed, but GREE diversified direction does not change. Smart equipment is one of the expansion direction of Dong Mingzhu choice. In the acquisition of Zhuhai silver long program, the two sides have decided to fuse in the field of intelligent equipment.
GREE 2015 annual report, the company since the formal establishment of intelligent equipment R &amp; D team in September 2015, incorporated in Zhuhai GREE Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., when the output value of 500 million yuan.
Into 2016, GREE to further increase the layout, select Zhuhai, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Chengdu, the four major R &amp; D and production base. GREE semi annual report in 2016 to disclose the above information, but did not disclose the production and sales of intelligent equipment part.
Song Xiaogang, chairman of the China Federation of robotics told Caixin reporter, due to the needs of the manufacturing industry upgrade, the field of industrial robots is indeed promising. From 2009 to 2015, the average annual growth rate of global industrial robots reached 15%, China's industrial robot sales in 2015 accounted for about 69 thousand of the global market share of about 27%. However, the international dominant enterprises occupy the main market, China's industrial robots are less than 1/3.
The market is in a period of rapid development, the field of industrial robot show "swarmed" situation. For GREE to enter the field of the future, Song Xiaogang said, "the first sets of application of intelligent equipment face promotion difficult problem, GREE early application in its own factory, and now through the Zhuhai silver long cooperation promotion, is expected to win more market customers.
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