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Low end of the robot industry curse will break: high threshold era open
Article source: Chinese Sankei news Release time: 2017-5-23
Since the publication of "made in China 2025", the robot industry has become the industry with a higher degree of penetration. In terms of national policy, its good news is also endless.
The day before the fourth session held in Zhejiang Ningbo China robot summit, the relevant responsible person said, at present, relevant departments are organizing the investigation and research of China's robot industry, the future will be issued a series of policy support and guidance, the current 2 billion yuan special focus on intelligent robot guidance funds are in place, by 2020, China will form a robot a complete industrial system, the industry will move towards high-end.
Ceng Haiwei, President of the Southern China Intellectual Innovation Research Institute believes that the 2 billion yuan intelligent robot guidance fund is in place, "another force state effect" in the field of industrial robots, robot industry is expected to rise to the national strategic industry and usher in a long-term development opportunities.
The lure of robots"
Talking about our robot, its history can be traced back to 1992. According to statistics, the Shenyang Jinbei Automobile (8.080, 0.00,0.00%) company found the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenyang Institute of automation R & D AGV robot. 15 years later, the SIASUN AGV, which was born at the Institute, signed a contract for AGV robot supply with GM's global sourcing division, ending the history of China's imports of robots without exports.
In May 19, 2015, the State Council issued the "made in China 2025", in which the robot is clearly called one of the key areas, to promote standardization and modular development of robots, and expand market applications.
Relevant data show that in 2016, China's industrial robot production has reached 72 thousand and 400 units, an increase of 34.3%, expanding the scale of the industry. Industry estimates, the next 10 years, the total size of China's industrial robot market will reach 600 billion yuan.
According to the Ministry of Industry issued the robot industry guidance, to 2020, the robot should establish and improve the system of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, industry sales revenue more than 3 trillion, the realization of intelligent automation and manufacturing process equipment.
In order to encourage the healthy development of China's robot industry, Ministry of national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance in 2016 April jointly announced the "robot industry development plan (2016-2020)", five years of the formation of industrial robot system of our own more perfect.
Reporters learned in the interview, in recent years, robots gradually expanded from industry to medical, educational and service oriented robots, and the degree of its intelligence is also constantly improving.
To encourage and support the central government policy to the robot industry planning at all levels of local government, in the double positive state and local government policy support and encourage the market, the scale of the rapid development of industry robot.
Data show that the focus of the development of the domestic robot industry has more than 20 provinces, the robot industry park more than 40. In the past two years, the number of robot enterprises has risen from less than 400 to 800, while more than 3400 enterprises have been involved in the industry chain. Among them, the number of robots only Zhejiang enterprises have more than 280.
Relevant institutions predict that in 2017 China's industrial robot sales will reach 102 thousand units, the cumulative amount will be close to 450 thousand units, local robot enterprise market share of 5% from 2012 to 2017, more than 30%; in 2020, China's industrial robot ownership will reach more than 800 thousand potential market value of nearly 500 billion yuan.
However, in the superior financial macro - Economic Research Institute researcher Wang Jiankun view, although the robot industry investment enthusiasm, but the current market is mostly in the low-end, or the purchase of foreign equipment integration, or the purchase of foreign core parts assembly, intellectual property of the robot business is less than 1/3.
Wang Jiankun told the "China Sankei Shimbun" reporter interview that, "many local government departments or by indirect subsidies to the user support, or the robot production enterprises directly to the technological capital, equity investment, the first sets of premium subsidies and other financial support, this one caused the industry to repeat construction, support the procurement of local equipment manufacturing enterprises policy, make the robot enterprises blossom everywhere, resulting in a large number of low-end production; on the other hand, lead to vicious competition, resulting in enterprise policies to support heavy production, light of development to a certain extent, have spawned a number of quick money small scattered weak enterprises lead to vicious competition, low."
Threshold will increase half of enterprises or will be eliminated
The phenomenon of robot over development has also attracted the attention of the industry. Observers say, for example, that service robots are only at the stage of machine equipment, and face multiple technical challenges. On the one hand, what is the need for a service robot to enter the family? What are the problems that can be solved? How about homework ability? On the other hand, the service robot entering the family is also accompanied by security problems. Compared with the traditional home appliances, the service robot needs a network environment, and the Federation itself is now faced with great challenges.
Earlier, the Ministry official responsible for the industrial development of the robot robot has stressed that more is in the air, the more we should be clear, the expansion of the size of enterprises is important, but the ability to keep up the pace, otherwise it will fall down.
In a robot industry last July on the forum, Wang Weiming, deputy director of the Ministry of equipment department pointed out that the risks of overheating of domestic robot industry, and has a high-end low-end trend, the current domestic enterprises in the development of robot market demand and reason in the teeth of the storm, the power of financial institutions, may also have blind development hypopyretic.
Wang Weiming forthrightly, all now have paid great attention to the industrial robot, the robot enterprises regardless of volume size will become the government's guest, and access to capital, land and other types of support policy support.
In view of the existing problems, repeat the construction of the robot industry this year, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Xin Guobin said, in terms of their own brands, industrial robots are still some low-end products, high-end industrial robot industry has low risk of overcapacity and low-end products.
Xin Guobin said, is currently joint provinces and cities and robotics industry alliance research, the introduction of differentiated guidance, refining industry access conditions, improve access threshold, and promote scientific and rational development around.
It is understood that the Ministry is currently developing the industry access conditions, in order to improve the access threshold, strict control of industrial robot industry high-end low-end low-end products and the risk of overcapacity, promote the industry to achieve a healthy, orderly and sustainable development.
Through the industry analysis, at present, robot development exists "big and not strong"". And this time, regulators will play a heavy blow to raise the threshold to enter the robot industry.
Industry regulation policy may soon be introduced, then the next two years, the robot market will enter the adjustment period, the entire industry "metabolism" will accelerate.
"It goes without saying that the threshold to enter the robot industry has improved, then, the domestic robot low-end production capacity will be eliminated, and in the future, the entire industry will force high-end areas." The Price Waterhouse researcher Ye Fen told the "China Sankei Shimbun" reporter said, at present, the robot market is also filled with the number of speculators a lot of speculation, these funds went in, but did not bring technical contributions, it is bound to accelerate the formation of the robot "bubble". Therefore, the future of the robot market is doomed to a "reshuffle", a large number of countries can not meet the requirements of the enterprise will disappear.
For the future development of robots, Xin Guobin has admitted that, first of all, to promote robot innovation, further integration of innovative resources in the industry, to promote the establishment of robot innovation center, enhance industrial innovation capability.
Secondly, to fill the short board, break through the bottleneck of industrial development, and focus on supporting the quality and reliability of key parts and components of the robot industry to upgrade, and further consolidate the foundation for industrial development. Thirdly, carry out the robot pilot demonstration, promote the application, and promote the application of robots in the emerging industries and traditional manufacturing industries. Finally, to cultivate talents, further implement the guidelines for manufacturing talent development planning, increase the training of robot professionals, and continue to run the national industrial robotics application skills competition.
"Once the regulatory policy, then the robot industry restructuring is no suspense." Wang Jiankun said, leading technology, large-scale advantages of prominent leading enterprises will benefit from the follow-up, there will be a certain merger and integration.
"With the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry, the robot requirements are more intelligent and high-end." Ceng Haiwei in the "China made news" interview, said, in the process of transformation, China's robot development is also facing some problems. First of all, the biggest problem is the lack of core technology, the level of industrial research is relatively lagging behind. Secondly, due to the lack of technical level, China's robot industry is mainly in the bottom of the industrial chain, the market is basically monopolized by foreign brands, it takes some time to build their own brands.
Some observers also believe that in the next few years will be the robot industry "reshuffle", the open market of all domestic and foreign enterprises equal opportunity, for domestic enterprises, the most important is to break the low-end low-quality "Curse", to prevent the robot industry is in the low end.


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