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Repeated construction of the robot industry: the number of enterprises has exceeded 800
Article source: China News Network Release time: 2017-3-20
The five session of the twelve National People's Congress News Center in March 11th 9, held at the media center multi-purpose hall press conference, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology minister invited Miao Wei, Xin Guobin and the chief engineer, the spokesman Zhang Feng "to promote the implementation of" 2025 "Chinese manufacturing issues related to answer reporters' questions.
German world news reporter: the European Union Chamber of Commerce reported inside, very worried about the repetition of construction in 2025. I recently read a report you wrote, but also have the same concern, especially for the production of robots, in this regard can not elaborate on your point of view? Thank you
Miao Wei: we have noted that in the past, in the development of some industries, China made 2025 in the implementation process, there is a low level of duplication. So, in the last year, our province with colleagues repeated communication, study has identified a key advantage in the various segments of the industry list, try to use this way, let the provinces to find their own advantages, focus on supporting these industries, competitive enterprises in these segments stand a.
Miao Wei: in addition, in this way to avoid low-level redundant construction, to achieve a differentiated development pattern. We have a good example of what you have just mentioned about the robot, and I would like to ask my colleague, Xin Guobin, to answer this question.
Xin Guobin: the problem of redundant construction of the robot industry has aroused our attention. We do not fully understand, there are more than and 20 provinces and cities as the focus of the robot industry to cultivate and promote the development of. In recent years, the rapid development of the industry, the country has built and built in the robot industrial park more than 40, just a few years time, the number of robot enterprises more than 800. There are problems such as the reporter pointed out that, in terms of their own brands, our industrial robot are mostly low-end products, the supply capacity of more than six axis robot joint is relatively low, so we do feel in the field of robot, there are high-end low-end low-end products and the risk of overcapacity.
Xin Guobin: in the specific working process, we now and the various provinces and cities, including the robot industry alliance to strengthen communication and exchanges, in accordance with the overall arrangements and requirements Chinese manufacturing 2025 ", established two provinces difference implementation guide. Also through the development of industrial robots industry access conditions, improve access threshold and a series of policies to promote the implementation of scientific development, rational development. Thank you
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