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Pro-face discovery In Yaskawa robot Center
Article source: Release time: 2017-4-17
YASKAWA electric (Chinese) robot is the center of Shanghai
One of the largest robotics exhibition centers in the industry,
Display technology and various Yasukawa robot cutting-edge collar
Application examples of. At the same time, Pro-face Yaskawa electric
The cooperate partner, Yaskawa robot center is
Pro-face second application Exhibition Center in Shanghai. that
Well, Pro-face in the center and how will Yasukawa robot
The performance?
Is the so-called map with the truth, found almost no Pro-face interface from a number of shows in the center of Yaskawa robot
Not in place, fully integrated into the application of various fields. Through the discovery tour, Pro-face man-machine interface can connect equipment
Many kinds of application, the extensive, peep shows all. We welcome Pro-face customers and colleagues at any time to show the center
Visit and guide.
Pro-face will also continue to work with a number of powerful enterprises in the industry to establish a strategic partnership of cooperation for the realization of
Continue to work hard to meet the requirements of more production sites. For the interface best, Pro-face no
Off line!
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