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Pro-face intelligent man-machine interface SP5000 series won the MM modern manufacturing classic product award
Article source: Release time: 2017-3-9



In January 2017 Pro-face intelligent human-computer interface in MM SP5000 series of "modern manufacturing" innovation driven "20 years" won the award of "classic product award" in 1996, the largest domestic machinery industry information center - Chinese Machinery Industry Information Institute and Germany Vogel media group (Vogel Business Media) cooperation, set in Germany and the United States the media industry experience and resources, first introduced the MM "modern manufacturing". MM in "modern manufacturing" was founded 20 anniversary of the grand launch of the "innovation driven 20 years" series Event selection, aimed at shaping the most influential industry brand, selected 20 years to make outstanding contributions to the development of China's manufacturing products. Pro-face with innovative technology concepts and leading technology awareness for global customers launched this as intelligent entrance interface SP5000 series of products, from many of his talent shows itself in the product, the classic product award. This is the Pro-face since 2002 to enter the Chinese market since the continuous development of innovative products to help Chinese users to improve production efficiency fully affirmed. SP5000 series with a unique modular design, according to the actual needs of users and flexible combination of applications. SP5000 series greatly beyond the standard man-machine interface display function, not only shows a beautiful, but also a gesture operation, allowing users to operate freely. SP5000 series supports Windows or proprietary operating systems that can handle different applications. The configuration of the network will be the production site and office safety together, to achieve a large number of production data of the intelligent management. SP5000 series also supports remote monitoring of mobile intelligent terminals, anytime, anywhere, with other computers, intelligent terminal exchange of information, sharing of resources. P5000 series with great intelligence to achieve human-computer interaction, greatly reducing the overall cost of ownership of the user.

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