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ABB group chief digital Officer: most robots still live in the cage
Article source: Xinhua News Agency Release time: 2017-5-2
"When more cameras, better sensors and the ability to learn the machine, the robot will be more widely used in the field of production." Switzerland ABB group chief digital officer Guido Juret day ago in Germany during the Hannover Expo said in an interview with xinhua.
Juret said that the future of artificial intelligence will be able to connect a number of currently still exist independently, did not achieve interconnection system. The robot's ability to learn is being strengthened. In the future, people will be able to deal with some complex tasks.
ABB at the show this year, once again demonstrated the realization of man-machine cooperation of the dual arm industrial robot Yumi and can be widely used in industrial motor sensors and other products.
Juret said that compared to last year, positioning high-precision manufacturing Yumi become more flexible, has a certain degree of self-learning ability. Better cameras, more sensors and input devices make it possible for Yumi to hear and respond to sounds and signals in the environment.
"It's hard to get the sensor to touch a human finger, so some tasks like quality checks are still not done by machines." But he said that these are not able to complete the complex work of the machine is also the opportunity for the development of the robot in the future".
In addition, he said, the robot can also reduce pollution to a certain extent, reduce the errors caused by human error, so that production becomes more accurate.
Juret stressed that ABB's products are likely to be widely used in China, because with the aging of China's society and the upgrading of labor costs, it is necessary to introduce more automated production equipment factory.
"China has a vision for automation," he said. "We are very interested in talking with Chinese companies and building partnerships."
Juret pointed out that most robots currently live in the "cage", is likely to hurt humans, but in the future, robots will work together with the human, is applied to some services, such as in the field of fruit picking, or distribution of drugs to help take care of patients in hospital.
Robots will make some people lose their jobs, while creating some better jobs, it will not take up all the jobs." Juret said. According to him, the country is currently the largest use of robots is also the lowest unemployment rate in the country.
As one of the top 500 companies in the world, ABB group is a leading enterprise in the field of power and automation technology in the world, and is a frequent visitor to the Hannover expo.
This year's Hannover Expo will open in April 23rd, will continue to 28, attracted a total of about 6500 exhibitors from around the world in 70 countries and regions. Overseas exhibitors, the number of exhibitors and exhibitors in China ranked first.
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