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Industrial robots to turn over a quarter of the Industry Report
Article source: China business news Release time: 2017-5-7
Robot concept experienced "herd" stage, gradually enter the performance verification period. In this context, Chinese Listed Companies in the first quarter of the robot have to hand over transcripts.
Shenyang SIASUN robot Limited by Share Ltd recently released the first quarter of 2017 report, the report shows SIASUN robot to complete the revenue of 451 million yuan, 354 million yuan compared to the same period last year, increased 27.23%.
At the beginning of 2017, the development strategy of SIASUN robot based on globalization, focusing on the construction of innovation, industry platform, continuous new technology, new product development and upgrading, focusing on the layout of the market, with excellent technology and services to strengthen customer loyalty, maintain in-depth cooperation with existing customers, while targeting emerging market potential customer groups, 2017 the first quarter, the company signed a single new growth over the same period last year.
SIASUN robot President Qu Daokui told the first financial reporter, as the country earlier in the field of robotics research and development company, SIASUN is currently in transition to the robot platform, to create a national brand Chinese robot development.
Shanghai xinshida electric as a wholly owned subsidiary of Limited by Share Ltd, a new robot also produce good results. One step to complete the operating income of 606 million yuan in the first quarter of this year, compared to the same period last year rose 166.65%. First financial reporter noted that during the reporting period due to the motion control system and robot products business growth has brought the company notes receivable and prepayments increased, from the side reflects the company's strong performance in the robot on the market.
2016 China robot market by leaps and bounds. In the first half of 2016, we achieved 19 thousand and 700 sales of domestic robots, which increased by an average of over 37.7% over the previous year. The actual sales volume increased by more than the previous year by about 70.8%. CICC expects 2017 annual domestic industrial robots is expected to more than 35 thousand units, an increase of 60%.
According to the Industrial Research Institute database shows that in March 2017, the national output of industrial robots 10163 units, an increase of 78.2%; the three months, the cumulative production of 25220 sets of industrial robots, an increase of 55.1%. China's manufacturing industry is facing the challenge of the transition to high-end, the development of industrial robots is one of the key links. In terms of policy, in 2016 introduced a number of new laws and regulations favorable development of the industry, the industrial robot as an important direction of development.
Outlook in 2017 China's industrial robot market structure, the pattern of strong strong will continue.
With the China manufacturing "2025 strategies" step by step, the industrial robot the top manufacturing crown jewel "has become the hottest investment in manufacturing field, and is an important direction of the transformation and upgrading of enterprises," the track "squeeze many new competitors.
CICC research report that, at present, the problem of industrial robot production capacity is mainly structural problems, lack of high-end capabilities, low levels of low-level redundant construction, blind development. The Ministry of statistics in China involves the robot production enterprises more than 800, of which more than 200 is the robot manufacturing enterprises, most of the assembly and the main processing, in the low-end industrial chain, industrial concentration is low, the overall size is small; also appeared around the more than and 40 to develop the robot based Industrial Park, the park has some a tendency of emphasizing investment, technological innovation, light light training.
CICC estimates, the domestic robot market, the larger the Mayan Trinidad and Tobago joint robot sales of about 2000 Taiwan, Aiston, SIASUN, Guangzhou, step number, such as international sales of about 1000 units, other smaller.
Qu Daokui told the first financial journalist, short board is not conducive to the development of domestic enterprises and industrial robots, robot four family Bai Bai wrist, several countries should cultivate strong competitiveness of enterprises robot.
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