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OMRON MKS1XTN-10 Rated voltage: AC: 24, 100, 110, 120, 200, 220, 230, 240 OMRON MKS1XTN-10

Brand: OMRON
Name: Power Relays
Model: MKS1XTN-10
Contact form: SPST-NO.
Type: Models with Built-in Operation Indicators.
Rated voltage: AC: 24, 100, 110, 120, 200, 220, 230, 240;
DC: 12, 24, 48, 110, 220.
MK-S-series Relays with DC-switching,
Models That Can Switch 220 VDC, 10 A,
(Resistive Load).
Switch a DC load of 220 VDC, 10 A (resistive load).
Models for AC Loads can switch 250 VAC, 15 A (resistive load).
Lineup includes models with SPST-NO and SPST-NO/SPST,
NC contact forms.
Using a SPST-NO/SPST-NC contact form enables detecting,
contact welding. (When the NO contacts become welded, the,
NC contacts will maintain a minimum distance of 0.5 mm.).
Models available with operation indicators and built-in test buttons.
RoHS compliant.
Standards: UL, IEC (TÜV certification).

Number of elements: 3.
Isolation method: Phototriac coupler.
Rated powersupply voltage: 100 to 240 VAC.
Input method: No-voltage input (open and short circuited input).
Applicable monitor capacity (AC3): 2.2 kW (11.1 A), 200 to 220 VAC.
Monitor output: AC switching output.
New Models with AC Power Supply Input and,
Monitor Output Equivalent to Non-contact,
SPST-NO Join the G3J-T Series,
Limiting the starting current saves energy OMRON MKS1XTN-10 MKS1XTN-10
Certified for UL and CSA.
Mounts with screws or to DIN Track.
Compact design with heat sinks (3.7-kW models: 100 × 100 ×130 mm (W × H × D)).
Built-in snubber circuit and thyristor.
Built-in operation indicator. Classification: Relay .
Structure: 4 poles OMRON MKS1XTN-10.
Contact configuration: 3PST-NO/SPST-NC.
Rated Voltage: 12, 24 VDC.
Compact Electromagnetic Contactors That.
Switch 40 A at 440 VAC.
One pole carries 40 A.
UL 508 and UL 840 NC contacts (resistive 40 A 480 VAC, 60 Hz, 80,000 operations).
EN 60947-4-1 NC contacts (AC1 40 A 440 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 80,000 operations).
Ideal for supply power to industrial inverters, servo drivers, and other devices,
and switching power to motors and other equipment OMRON MKS1XTN-10.
The maximum load capacity of 160 A when using 4-pole parallel connections.
EN 60947-4-1 certification for mirror contact mechanism obtained by combining,
the Relay with an Auxiliary Contact Block OMRON Power Relays.
Conforms to European PV standard (VDE0126).
Approx. 30% less operation noise than a standard electromagnetic contactor.
(Approx OMRON Power Relays. 100 dB reduced to approx. 70 dB.)
Approx. 50% the volume of a standard electromagnetic contactor,
to help downsize control panels.
According to OMRON investigation of IIEC-AC1 50 A specifications. Isolation: Photocoupler.
Zero cross function: Yes.
Indicator: Yes(Yellow).
Applicable output load (See note 1 OMRON Power Relays. ): 90 A at 200 to 480 VAC (See note 2.).
Rated input voltage: 100 to 240 VAC.
Wide Lineup of General-purpose Solid State.
Relays with Applicable Loads of 5 to 90 A.
AC Output Relays with 75-A and 90-A output currents have been,
added to the GG3NA Series MKS1XTN-10.
All models feature the same compact dimensions to provide a,
uniform mounting pitch.
Built-in varistor effectively absorbs external surges.
(except G3NA-D210B).
Operation indicator enables monitoring operation.
Prrotective cover for greater safety OMRON MKS1XTN-10.
Standard models certified by UL and CSA and -UTU models by TÜV.
(except G3NA-410B, G3NA-420B, and G3NA-440B(-2)).

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