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Multi-function Compact Inverter
3G3MX2-ZV1 Series

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Born to drive machines. Positioning functionality.
V/F controlled converter
3G3JZ Series

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Simple but not simple, free and easy. Homogenization of today, the quality of the subtle show.
Open loop vector controlled frequency converter
3G3MZ-ZV2 Series

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Open loop vector control mode with low speed and large torque, rich control function and convenient distribution management, Set in one of the inverter --3G3MZ. 3G3MZ series inverter for the application of frequency control and development.
High functional type general purpose inverter
3G3RV-ZV1 Series

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In the inverter equipped with the servo can play the same static torque with PG vector control function, DeviceNet communication makes the application field more extensive. The high functional specifications are concentrated in the compact.
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