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Safety Light Curtain Advance type
F3SG-4RA Series

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New Standard of Safety Light. Curtain,Offering Both Robustness. and Reliability.
Safety Light Curtain Easy type
F3SG-4RE Series

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Easy-to-use Safety Sensor Ideal for. Simple On/Off Detection Applications.
Safety Light Curtain
F3SJ Series

Share 25 unit model

EASY type reduces implementation costs. with 1/2 the mounting time.
Safety Light Curtain
F3SR-B Series

Share 26 unit model

Previously light curtains only offered status indicators. The three types of indicators on the F3SR-B are not only, status indicators but enable.
Safety Light Curtain
MS4800 Series

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Safety Light Curtains with Durable, Impact-resistant Body and Long, 20-m Sensing Distance. MS/MSF4800A Advanced Series.
Single-beam Safety Sensor
E3ZS Series/E3FS Series

Share 20 unit model

Detects Intrusions into Hazardous. Areas with a Single Beam and.
Safety Laser Scanner
OS32C Series

Share 21 unit model

Compact (104.5 mm), lightweight (1.3 kg), and easy-to-install Safety Laser Scanner.
Safety Mat/Safety Mat Controller
UM Series/MC3 Series

New Safety Mat That Is Easy to. Install and Maintain.
Safety Edge/Edge Controller
SGE Series/SCC Series

Safety sensors to detect contacts by. mounting to moving parts of hazards.
Compact non-contact Door Switch
D40Z Series

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Supports ISO 13849-1 (PLe/Safety Category 4). Can be used on higher risk level applications, by connecting to Safety Controllers.
Compact Non-Contact Door Switch/Non-Contact Door Switch Controller
D40A Series/G9SX-NS Series

Share 17 unit model

Electronic Detection Mechanism for. Better Stability in Non-contact Door. Switch Operation.
Guard Lock Safety-door Switch/D4SL-N-mounting Slide Key
D4SL-N Series

Share 23 unit model

World''s smallest Class 6-contact Guard Lock. Safety-door Switch. .
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