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H3BA-X8HB DC24V Solid-state Timer OMRON H3BA-X8HB DC24V H3BA-X8HB (03 s to 30 h), 

Brand: OMRON
Name: Solid-state Timer
Model: H3BA-X8HB DC24V
Control output: Time-limit SPDT and Instantaneous SPDT.
Supply voltage: 24 VDC.
Solid-state Timer with Single Time Range.
and Operating Mode.
Time range: H3BA-X8HA (0.05 s to 12 h),
H3BA-X8HB (0.3 s to 30 h),
H3BA-X8HC (0.6 s to 60 h).
Operating mode: ON-delay only.
Pin type: 8-pin only.

Display type: DOWN display timer (decrements form the set time to 0).
Output type: Contact output (SPDT).
Pin type: 8-pin.
Memory backup: Not provided.
Supply voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 12 to 48 VDC.
Rated time: 1 s to 99 min 59 s(See note 3.).
Miniature DIN-sized (48 x 48 mm) Quartz.
Timer with Abundant Series Versions OMRON H3BA-X8HB DC24V.
Series version cover a wide range of rated times; 9 H3BA-X8HB DC24V999 s,
99.99 s, 999.9 s, 99 min 59 s, and 99 hrs 59 min.
Selection of elapsed time indication, remaining time indication,
contact output, and transistor output types to suit requirements.
Power supply freely selectable within a range of 100 to,
240 VAC, as well as 12 to 48 VDC.
Certified for UL and CSA safety standards OMRON H3BA-X8HB DC24V. Input type: PNP input type.
Event input terminal 5 points (HOLD, RESET) equipped with.
External power supply DC12V80mA.
Note: K3HB-RPB-A, K3HB-RNB-A is not equipped with event input.
Transistor: -; NPN open collector (HH, H, PASS, L, LL).
96 (W) * 48 (H * 95mm) depth.
Power supply voltage: AC/DC24V.
Measurement of 2 points through the speed, time, or cycle of the digital time interval table OMRON H3BA-X8HB DC24V.
Action determine the color, can switch the green / Red 2 kinds of color display.
Measurement of wide range of pulse interval time.
Measuring, calculating and displaying the pulse interval between 2 points.
Pulse interval measurement range, maximum measurable from 10msLarge Setting Dial and Moving Pointers Ideal,
for Easy Operation and Monitoring OMRON Solid-state Timer.
Incorporating an easy-to-see large setting dial with moving pointers OMRON Solid-state Timer.
Wide time-setting range of 0.2 s to 60 h.
(available through three time-range model types).
Wide AC power supply range (100 to 240 VAC).
IP65 watertight and dust-tight front panel.
Approved by UL and CSA.
Conforms to EN61812-1 and IEC60664-1 OMRON Solid-state Timer.
4 kV for Low Voltage, and EMC Directives.
Conforms to EMC standards.
Six-language instruction manual provided.
Programmable contact enables the building of a self-holding,
relay circuit as well as built-in instantaneous contact. (-NS).
Memory retention (-NSR).
Finger protection terminal block.
Enables easy sequence checks through instantaneous outputs.
for a zero set value at any time range. Type of input: AC voltage input.
Output type: DeviceNet; -; DeviceNet.
Event input terminal 5 points (TIMING, S-TIM, HOLD, RESET, ZERO) is equipped with.
External supply 80mA DC12V.
Power supply voltage: AC100 ~ 240V.
96 (W) * 48 (H * 95mm) depth
Some models are not equipped with.
The most suitable vooltage and current signal simulation, measurement and display, identification of the panel table H3BA-X8HB DC24V.
Action determine the color, can switch the green / Red 2 kinds of color display.
Equipped with the sub pressure gauge for monittoring the operation trend OMRON H3BA-X8HB DC24V.
External event input can be applied to a variety of measurement and identification situations.
Series of DeviceNet type.

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