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C500-MC421(3G2A5-MC421) OMRON C500-MC421(3G2A5-MC421) Motion control unit

Brand: OMRON
Name: Motion control unit
Model: C500-MC421(3G2A5-MC421)
The initial configuration of the G language unit in the industry due to the use of G language,
Complex processing procedures do not need to be able to make the ladder diagram.
The realization of the first 1 axis simultaneous control of 4 axis simultaneous control in the industry is due to the multi task function,
Can be executed at the same time or the 2 axis simultaneous control of 4 axes, and then can achieve the 4 axis independent control, etc.
Up to 8 units can be installed CVM1 8 units can be installed 1 units, can control up to 32 axes.
Applicable to ABS encoder by standard,
Applicable to the ABS type (absolute output) encoder, so after the emergency stop, no need to search for the origin, etc..
S curve also according to the standard configuration plus deceleration curve, in addition to the trapezoidal outside,
Also configured to suppress the mechanical vibration of the S shape curve.
Program login maximum of up to 100
G language can be programmed with the MC support software G

C500-DA/3G2A5-DA Special I/O Unit Analog Output C500-DA004(3G2A5-DA004).
Output: 2 pts.
Specification: -10~+10V.C500-OA I/O Unit Triac Output 16 pts C500-OA226.
AC250V 1.2A.C500-IA I/O Unit AC Input 16 pts C500-IA222(3G2A5-IA222).
AC200-240V 10mA.C500-DA Special I/O Unit Analog Output C500-DA101 OMRON C500-MC421(3G2A5-MC421).
Output: 4 pts.
Specification: +1~+5V、0~+10V、4~20mA.Supply voltage: 100 to 120 or 200 to 240 VAC (automatic voltage setting), 50/60 Hz
Operating voltage range: 85 to 132 or 170 to 264 VAC
Power consumption: 150 VA max C500-MC421(3G2A5-MC421)
Output capacity: 8 A, 5 VDCModel: C500-CPU11-EV1.
C500-CP CPU CPU MODULE JAPANESE C500-CPU11-EV1C500-ID Special I/O Unit ID Sensor Unit Long-distance C500-IDS22.C500-IM I/O Unit INPUT MODULE 32POINT 24VAC/DC C500-IM212(3G2A5-IM212) OMRON C500-MC421(3G2A5-MC421).
AC/DC12-24V 10mA。CV500-VP CPU Bus Unit Personal Computer Unit Main Mem CV500-VP213-E.
4-MB memory; w/o floating-point processor.C500-OA I/O Unit Triac Output 24 pts C500-OA223(3G2A5-OA223).
AC250V 1A.C500-NC Special I/O Unit Position Control For pulse motors 1 axis C500-NC113.The unit comes with coaxial type.C500-ID Special I/O Unit ID Sensor Unit Long-distance C500-IDS02-V1 OMRON C500-MC421(3G2A5-MC421). C500-RT SYSMAC BUS Remote I/O Master Slave Wired C500-RT201.
Master station unit remote I/O.Model: C500-CE243.
Connection : Pressure welded.
FCN-367J024-AU/FModel : C500-LK103 OMRON Motion control unit.
PCF.The unit comes with coaxial type.C1000H-CP CPU 62 k words 1024 pts C1000H-CPU01-V1.Model: C500-CN331.
Cable length: 30 m.
Programming Console Connecting Cable OMRON Motion control unit.
For extension and connection of FIT of FIT.
C500-AD/3G2A5-AD Special I/O Unit Analog Input C500-AD003(3G2A5-AD003).
Input: 2 pts.
Specification: 0~+5V.C500-CT Special I/O Unit High-speed Counter Unit 20 kcps 4 pts C500-CT041.Model : C500-LDP01-V1.
Has 40 instructions (same as a C20P OMRON Motion control unit. ) Input and output points (16 each.).C500-IA I/O Unit AC Input 16 pts C500-IA121(3G2A5-IA121).
AC100-120V 10mAA C500-MC421(3G2A5-MC421). C500-ID I/O Unit DC Input 16 pts 8 pts/common C500-ID112.
DC5-12V 6mA.No. of I/O slots: 11 slots.NO. OF I/O SLOTS: 11 SLOTSModel: C500F-CPUA1-E(3G2C3-CPUA1-E).
C500F-CP CPU Programmable Controller C500F-CPUA1-E.CV5000-RT SYSMAC BUS Remote I/O Slave Unit (wired) CV500-RT221 OMRON C500-MC421(3G2A5-MC421).
Wire Type.CV500-CN Cable Bus Connecting Cable Used to join two Hard Disk Units CV500-CN116.

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