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C500-CPU11-EV1 OMRON C500-CPU11-EV1

Brand: OMRON
Name: CPU
Model: C500-CPU11-EV1
Model: C500-CPU11-EV1.

C500-IA I/O Unit AC Input 32 pts C500-IA223(3G2A5-IA223).
AC200-240V 10mA.C500-OD I/O Unit Transistor Output 32 pts C500-OD412(3G2A5-OD412).
DC12~48V 0.3A.C500-IM I/O Unit INPUT MODULE 32POINT 24VAC/DC C500-IM212(3G2A5-IM212).
AC/DC12-24V 10mA。SPACER Module for I/O Unit C500-SP002CV500-RM SYSMAC BUS Remote I/O Master Unit (optical) CV500-RM211 OMRON C500-CPU11-EV1.
Light type.C500-NC Special I/O Unit C/CV Servo Module Single Axis Stepper C500-NC111-EV1 C500-CPU11-EV1Model: C500-CN222N.
Cable length 2m.
CV Series C Series Expansion ← → I / O device CPU Connecting cable(Vertical-wired)NO. OF I/O SLOTS: 5 SLOTSI/O capacity: 1, 024 pts (4, 096 max. with remote I/O).
Execution time: Basic: 0.125 µs min.Special: 0.5 µs min OMRON C500-CPU11-EV1.
Model: C500-CN812N.
Cable length 80cm.
CV Series C Series Expansion ← → I / O device CPU Connecting cable(Vertical-wired)C500-ID Special I/O Unit ID Sensor Unit Long-distance C500-IDS22.C500-OC I/O Unit Transistor Output 16 pts C500-OC221(3G2A5-OC221).
AC250/DC24V 2A.C500-ID I/O Unit DC Input 16 pts 8 pts/common C500-ID112.
DC5-12V 6mA.CVM1-LK SYSMAC BUS CVM1 PCLINK MODULE CVM1-LK401 OMRON C500-CPU11-EV1. C500-RT SYSMAC BUS Remote I/O Master Slave Wired C500-RT001-PV1.
APF/PCF, With the optical connector 1.Model : CV2000-CPU01-EV1.
SFC / Ladder 2, 048 (with RAM62K words, the top internal link) OMRON CPU. CV500-VP CPU Bus Unit Personal Computer Unit Main Mem CV500-VP227-E.
8-MB memory; w/floating-point processor.C500-RM SYSMAC BUS Remote I/O Master Wired C500-RM001-PV1 OMRON CPU.
APF/PCF.C500-DA/3G2A5-DA Special I/O Unit Analog Output C500-DA001(3G2A5-DA001).
Output: 2 pts.
Specification: +1~+5V、4~20mA.Control specifications: voltage output / pulse train output.
Axis of control: 1.
Location data: 200.
Connection with servo motor drive,
The location data is transmitted by PC to carry out high precision positioning OMRON CPU.
Can set the number of different types of products and location parameters, and can monitor the operation process online.
Equipment operation is flexible and convenient, can achieve start and pause,
Automatic and manuual mode switching, counting and zero, cylinder pressure time adjustment, etc C500-CPU11-EV1. .
Screw automatic discharge, feeding, fixed, the machine is automatically completed by one time, without manual assistance.
High speed production beatt, can achieve a single station speed of not less than 1-1 OMRON C500-CPU11-EV1. 5 seconds / piece.
Positioning accuracy is high, the position error is not more than 0.02 mm.

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