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Made in China to wisdom made breakthrough: two errors first step
Article source: People's daily Release time: 2017-5-19
"Let the world fall in love with China made", pinned on Dong Mingzhu's ambition; "new domestic movement", has become Lei Jun's poetry and distance. In fact, let this quarrelsome lovers dream, is to make their own products to break China manufacturing fate, China manufacturing refresh image, and then from manufacturing to wisdom made, create forward.
Which made by the intelligent mobile phone now easier said than done, "no wife can't do without it" as an example, according to incomplete statistics, in 2016, China intelligent mobile phone market in the sale of the number of models more than 1000 models, hundreds of domestic manufacturers, the number of brands, but the core of the processor, memory, communication chip, screen as the mobile phone is mostly from foreign manufacturers, chip Qualcomm, Samsung's memory, the screen is LG, the camera is SONY......
Chip manufacturing, in particular, has always been a pain in the hearts of Chinese people. From the beginning of last year, Intel, Samsung, TSMC has already started production of 10nm chip (the smaller the number, precision and technical difficulty is higher), while the domestic mainstream production capacity, still stay in the stage of 40nm, the large gap, surprising.
What will China manufacture rely on to seize the commanding heights? The answer is: the development of intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, accelerate the construction of manufacturing power.
On May 17th, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council held the executive meeting of the State Council, deployed to promote the manufacturing transformation and upgrading in a pilot demonstration to promote the implementation of "made in China 2025". The meeting pointed out that the "made in China 2025" is to promote new and old kinetic energy conversion and economic progress to the high-end important starting point, the implementation of two years to achieve remarkable results. The next step of "2025" in-depth implementation of Chinese manufacturing, supply side to deepen structural reform, market-oriented, with enterprises as the main body, strengthen innovation driven and incentive policies, the development of intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, and the "Internet plus" and public entrepreneurship, innovation closely, build the courage to reform and innovation, achievement continue to emerge, has a leading role in the demonstration matrix, promote the manufacturing industry to the intelligent and green service and upgrading, accelerate the construction of manufacturing power.
The goal is clear, the task is arduous, and we want to achieve this goal. Before we all work together, the state policy monarch wants to clarify two misconceptions about intelligent manufacturing:
Can't make the ball point head? The key is the market
Earlier, according to media reports, TISCO stainless steel production of stainless steel made a breakthrough, has been in the production of the enterprise began to use, and in the next two years is expected to completely replace imports.
But building does not make the ball point of this matter, and policy Jun thought not to rise to the will of the state level, make the ball pen head does not mean Chinese the manufacturing industry to a new level, made out does not mean that Chinese manufacturing.
The key to this problem is that the market has not signaled that the profits of the market have not been enough to drive companies to develop it for a long time. The market is the global market, and the iPhone itself doesn't produce batteries, and it doesn't produce a screen. Therefore, if this item does not concern the national security and the economic aorta, it is entirely possible to let the market decide.
The Chinese is in the process of globalization of manufacturing industry transfer beneficiaries, manufacturing industry in the era of globalization, no country can be a single large blanket. We can not in manufacturing every aspect, every field is to master the core technology, to maximize profits, so we must be more open-minded, not for the "big and complete", but to occupy the high point in the open cooperation, such as the first pen does not involve national strategic demand for small industry, to a willing spirit, to other countries to make and how? Good steel is used on the edge of the blade, and Chinese wisdom is to have a wise eye, to make or not to make, and to give the market a decision, not the power of administration and public opinion.
Will robots impact employment? Automation has become an irreversible trend
To promote the Chinese made, many people worry. The robot industry is the focus of intelligent manufacturing, machine substitutions has become a common practice in some provinces, some people worry that the popularity of robots, let a lot of workshop to realize producing lights, the original dozens of workshops, now only a few people, this will bring impact on employment?
The Employment Department of human resources and social security department in 2014 made a conclusion about the robot research, from the current situation, the application of robot has little impact on employment, because the Chinese general demand, is still in the stage of shortage, but the long-term trend remains to be seen.
In fact, without looking at how much data, from the government to the general public, it has been felt that China's demographic dividend is disappearing. The report of the core industry shows that the inflection point of the labor force has arrived. It shows the shortage of labor structure, enterprises can not recruit people; manufacturing labor costs rising rapidly, enterprises can not afford to use people. The revolution in the workshop is taking place. Whether managers or workers must accept the fact that automation has become an irreversible trend, the era of robotics is coming.
A popular saying in the investment community, the best investment is to invest in the country. The manufacturing industry is the mainstay of the national economy, is the main battlefield of technological innovation, it is related to the rise and fall of fortunes, put aside all the worries, embrace the Chinese made, is our only choice.
The road ahead is long and there are many difficulties for us. But China manufacturing can depend on the market and the industrial system of the one and only, create advantage in the global manufacturing industry transfer process, from manufacturing to wisdom made gorgeous turn.


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