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Made in China 2025 put forward to strive to use three years of ten years of efforts to achieve the strategic goal of manufacturing power
Article source: Chinese government network Release time: 2017-5-25
The Information Office of the State Council on May 24, 2017 (Wednesday) morning 10 when the State Council policy held a routine briefing, please Deputy Minister of industry and information technology Xin Guobin introduced to promote the "China manufacturing 2025" in-depth implementation, promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and a reporter asked.
[China Daily] Premier Li Keqiang in May 17th at the State Council executive meeting stressed the need to high-end equipment, short board equipment and intelligent equipment as the breakthrough point, pay close attention to key core technology research. Which core equipment is most likely to give priority to breakthroughs?. Is there a specific timetable and target for tackling key technical problems?
[Xin Guobin] as a big manufacturing country, China is well deserved. China has all the industrial categories in the United Nations Industrial Classification, and is also a major exporter of manufactured goods. Of these, 80% of the current export volume is manufactured goods. Although we are a big manufacturing country, but not a manufacturing power, this is mainly the core competitiveness of our industry development is not strong, lack of innovative ability. In the industry chain, many of our industries are in the low end of the value chain, so we are not manufacturing power.
Judging from the present situation, the manufacturing power has a long way to go, so the Chinese government has introduced the "made in China 2025" to promote China's transition from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. And equipment manufacturing industry is the core of manufacturing power, we make manufacturing upgrades as "China made 2025" in the top priority.
After years of continuous research, a number of influential symbolic results have been achieved. High precision CNC gear grinding machine, multi axis precision heavy-duty machine tools, CNC punching production line and other products have been among the world's advanced level; ARJ21 feederliner formally put into commercial operation, C919 large passenger aircraft first flew successfully, AG600 amphibious aircraft to achieve the assembly line, the long march five big carrying rocket, the world's first quantum satellite launched successfully developed; the "sea Doo" unmanned submersibles, make our country become the world's third level meters have developed unmanned submersible capable countries; the world's first million kilowatt ultra supercritical coal-fired power generating units two reheat successfully commissioned 1000MW ultra supercritical thermal power units, nuclear power and hydropower units and a number of equipment that has reached the international advanced level; Chinese standard EMU successfully completed the world's first 420km/h intersection test, 160km/h intercity EMU Operation completed.
In the "2025 China manufacturing", we have made clear to break through ten key areas, such as aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment, advanced rail transportation equipment, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, power equipment, agricultural machinery equipment etc.. These areas are the most likely areas of priority. Frankly, as far as the subdivision is concerned, and when and when can I make a breakthrough, it is difficult for me to make a precise prediction. But I can introduce the relevant design and target design of the powerful nation construction.
"Made in China 2025" put forward, strive to use three ten years of efforts, realize the strategic goal of manufacturing power. The first phase, to 2025, the comprehensive index close to Germany and Japan to realize industrialization of manufacturing power level, the basic realization of industrialization, China manufacturing industry entered the ranks of manufacturing power, into the world's manufacturing power of second square. The second stage, by 2035, the composite index to the world's manufacturing power second phalanx forefront of the national level, becoming a veritable manufacturing power. The third phase, to 2045, and even the founding of the 100th anniversary, the comprehensive index was slightly higher than the national level second square, into the world's manufacturing power first phalanx, has become the world's leading manufacturing power influence. This is our "three steps" strategic objectives, but also a timetable for us.
Next, we will take high-end equipment, short board equipment and intelligent equipment as the breakthrough point, pay close attention to key core technology research, mainly to take the following three measures:
One is to continue to implement the "nuclear high base, high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, large aircraft," two "major national science and technology projects, in-depth implementation of enhancing the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry three years action plan to start the implementation of intelligent manufacturing and robot innovation of science and technology major projects.
Two is to organize major short board equipment projects, focusing on supporting key areas of innovation and development and transformation of traditional industries, upgrading the urgent need for equipment engineering and industrialization projects.
Three is to speed up breakthroughs in sensors, industrial software, industrial control systems, solutions providers and other prominent short board constraints, to achieve a number of intelligent equipment and systems engineering, industrial applications.
We know that the main direction of China's manufacturing 2025 is intelligent manufacturing, the core issue of intelligent manufacturing is to use more sensors, and more use of industrial control systems and industrial Internet systems to achieve intelligent decision-making. So we have to break through some of the short board and bottlenecks in intelligent manufacturing, we should solve these problems. Thank you


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