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Application of Pro-face touch screen in coating machine
Article source: Release time: 2017-4-17
With the continuous improvement of the level of industrial automation, the application of touch screen in pharmaceutical machinery is more and more widely. This paper introduces the application of PLC+ touch screen control in the coating machine.
Coating machine is widely used in the fields of pharmaceutical, food, biological products, for a variety of tablets, pills, candy packs all kinds of organic thin film, water soluble film and sugar (in drug can achieve sustained and controlled release effect).
Working principle of coating machine:
The machine cavity core elements in clean sealed rotary drum sieve for stop disorderly movement, under the action of the agitator plate, turning smooth, frequent exchange, according to the process and reasonable process parameters, automatic spray coating medium; at the same time in negative pressure automatic control under the hot air passes through the core elements discharged from the bottom of the mesh, the coating medium in the surface of the core and quick drying, coating film formed on the surface of a smooth solid.
Two, PLC and touch screen control requirements:
1, the output point in between 18 to 25 points
2, the input point between 6 to 12 points
3, temperature simulation quantity number: general two and three input, four special road (a road, a road inlet temperature of air temperature, a core temperature; if there are special requirements to measure the temperature of the cleaning fluid). Temperature output two, mainly used to control the air intake and the heating of the wind, are generally the output temperature control switch.
4, 1~2 analog input (mainly used to measure the cavity negative pressure), two analog output to control the inverter.
5, by the PLC automatic control of negative pressure, air flow, temperature and other process parameters, and can be arranged in a certain sequence of process flow, according to the set of automatic operation and storage.
6, the negative pressure module control, hot air temperature setting and control and drum rotation adjustment and so on all operations on the touch screen can be completed.
Now the market on the basis of the coating machine manufacturers are using PLC+ touch screen control mode, the days of any electronic company has been designed for a pharmaceutical plant supporting the use of Yong Hong FBE-40MC (PLC) +GP37W2 (Chu Moping).
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