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Application of Pro-face touch screen in Airbus
Article source: Release time: 2017-5-3
According to historical data, the aircraft is the safest means of transport. This is due to the numerous tests performed in the early manufacturing system.
More than 8000 employees are working on A318, A319 and A321 aircraft in the Airbus factory in germany. At the same time in the development and manufacturing center, assembly or custom A320, A300 and A310 engine room equipment. It is not unusual for passengers to know how many cables, how much water, or how much air pressure they need to assemble a plane. This allows manufacturers to ensure no leakage in the engine room. In this factory, the FAL Department of engineers cooperate with other departments responsible for the development of new designs, new programs for testing.
A complete test program consists of more than 15 independent detection units
In order to test the fuel system and air pressure system, engineers designed to use a Pro-face man-machine interface for a number of simulation tests. Airbus Sven Schadlich project engineer explained as follows: the first step is a pipeline leak detection to detect whether the fuel system leaks. There are more than 15 independent detection units in this system. The next step is to test the air release. All air storage systems in the engine room must be tested. In this test, we detected all the valves to avoid icing on the wing during takeoff and landing. By releasing hot air at the front of the wing, this potentially fatal danger can be avoided.
Innovative detection device using touch screen operation
The test equipment is composed of a control panel, an air pressure regulator, a pressure measuring device, an air valve, a pressure sensor and an indicator, and a SIEMENS S7300PLC. Airbus chose the Pro-face GP2000 series as a test equipment operation and control panel, MPI communication with PLC. Sven Schadlich engineers, Jurgen Hintze engineers and Jurgen Lohmann engineers are responsible for the development of this innovative test equipment.
Mentioned earlier, the detection of engineers in accordance with the requirements of the overall detection must be distributed for two major items detection. The new testing equipment takes only 1/3 of the time. The original test equipment has two cars and must be in the vicinity of the aircraft, and each vehicle must be equipped with their own pressure detection device. A liquid similar to kerosene can be fed into a pipe and pressurized to detect tightness, even if the piping system is working properly. After the end of the liquid must be extracted and cleaned the detected part. If a leak is detected, the program will be more complex.
The new test equipment is composed of a single console, equipped with a Pro-face man-machine interface to monitor and control all test items. The pipeline will be full of air to alternative fuels, but this is not just a little improvement, operation engineers can not only obtain a certain time point of the required information, and by detecting the pressure variation in the pipeline (from 350mbar to 2100mbar) are all in the form of a chart on the touch screen display.
When the corresponding pressure set value is entered, the test will be carried out automatically, and the high pressure air must be kept at the time specified in the pipeline. During this process, if the pressure drops to a certain extent, the test will stop and the information on the touch screen will be maintained. Accordingly, it is necessary to replace the pipe components or tighten the interface, and then re test.
In the detection process is very important that the test can not be connected to the pipeline before the end of the next pressure test. The specific example for covering tension test, covering on the cover as the fuel pipe, also form a closed system, in no end for the detection of covering, cannot be detected on the internal pipeline.
Sven Schadlich engineers use Pro-face configuration software GP-PRO/PBIII in the interactive function to solve this problem. This feature enables a user to lock a button on the operating panel before sending a preset value to the PLC address to indicate the end of the test. The realization of this function does not require any additional programming PLC, as long as the user in the process of editing the screen to choose the appropriate button to set the corresponding. In addition, through the built-in script D-Script can be achieved on the panel of a large number of various control and management, which greatly saves the work of PLC.
According to the requirements of the whole detection, the values of the pressure, time and variable of each detection unit can be stored in the touch screen. Password protection prevents error information input. Another reason for Airbus to choose Pro-face is the corrosion resistance of the hazardous liquids used in the testing process. Even the corrosive high pressure liquid does not damage the front panel of the Pro-face hmi. In addition, GP2600T's slim appearance is also very satisfied with airbus.
Daily use has demonstrated the excellence of the new testing equipment. More Pro-face man-machine interface is being used to detect piping and air pressure control devices in the cabin air storage system. In particular, intuitive operation and clear process monitoring greatly reduce the intensity of the engineer's work. From then on, the passengers were able to sit comfortably in their seats and enjoy a pleasant flight.
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