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Product model: CJ2M-CPU34
Name: CompoBus/S Module
Brand: OMRON
File language: English
File size: 5.67MB
C500-GP Accessory Peripheral Devices (GPC) Graphic Programming Console C500-GPC03-E.C500-ID Special I/O Unit ID Sensor Unit General Purpose C500-IDS21.Model: CPM2A-40CDR-D. Power supply: DC power supply.
Output type: Relay.
Inputs points: 24 points.
Outputs points: 16 points.Model: CPM2C-24EDTC. Units with 24 I/O points
2 Fujitsu connectors CJ2M-CPU34 Manual.
Inputs: 16 inputs.
Outputs: 8 outputs CJ2M-CPU34
Input type: 24 VDC.
Output type: sinking transistor.Name: Temperature Control Module.
Model: C200H-TC001.
Sensor: Thermocouple: R, S, K(CA), J(IC), T(CC), E(CRC), B, N, L(IC), U(CC).
Control output: Transistor outputModel: CPM2C-16ET1M. Units with transistor outputs only.
1 MIL connector.
Outputs: 16 outputs.
Input type: 24 VDC CJ2M-CPU34 Manual.
Output type: sourcing transistor.Unit type: 10 I/O points 6 inputs; 4 outputs, Connector.
Input: 6 points: 24 VDC.
Output: 4 points: transistor (sinking).
Clock: Yes.
Slaves with the Complex Functionality Needed,
for Distributed Blocks.
Programmable Slaves combine devices, such as sensors and actuators,
into one functional unit that is treated as a DeviceNet slave.
Programmable Slaves greatly facilitate device distribution,
and functional organization CJ2M-CPU34 Manual.
They help standardize programming between units and reduce the amount of,
programming required at the master.
I/O and operational checks can be performed for each functional unit,
rather than waiting OMRON CompoBus/S Module Manual.
for final system assembly, as with conventional distributed I/O systems.Output type: Transistor sinking.
Inputs points: 24 points OMRON CompoBus/S Module Manual.
Outputs points: 16 points.Model: C200H-OC225.
No. of points: 16 pts.
Specifications: 2A, 250VAC/24VDC(For resistive loads).Applicable CPU Units: CQM1H-CPU51/61.
Serial Communica-tions ports>Port 1: RS-232C: 19.2 kbps max., 15 m max.
Serial Communica-tions ports>Port 2: RS-422A/485: 19 OMRON CompoBus/S Module Manual. 2 kbps max., 500 m max.
Dimensions: 25 × 110 × 107 mm (W × H × D).
Weight: 90 g max.
Unit classification: CJ1 Special I/O Units.
name: Position control unit.
Specifications; Control method/Control,
output interface:Open-loop control by pulse,
train output/Open-collector output;
Number of control axes : 2 axes.
No. of unit numbers allocated: 1.
Currrent consumption: 5V, 0 CJ2M-CPU34 OPERATION MANUAL. 25A; 24V, --.
Standards: UC1, CE.
High-speed, High-precision positioning,
with 1, 2, or 4 axes.
Versatile functions and superb performance,
enable the construction of compact,
high-performance machinnes CJ2M-CPU34 Manual.
With its ultra-compact size of 31 × 90mm (W×H),
this highly space-efficient Position Control Unit,
(PCU) enables up to 4 axes of motor control.
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