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OMRON CJ2M-CPU31 Safety Precautions PLC Manual

Product model: CJ2M-CPU31
Name: PLC
Brand: OMRON
Sort: Safety Precautions
File language: English
File size: 0.35MB
CPU Unit: CP1L-M CPU Units with 40 Points.
Specifications: CPU type, Memory capacity: 10K steps
High-speed counters: 100 kHz, 4 axes Pulse outputs:
100 kHz, 2 axes (Models with transistor outputs only);
Power supply, DC power supply; Output method, Transistor output (sourcing);
Inputs, 24; Output, 16 CJ2M-CPU31 Manual.
Standards: UC1, N, L, CE.
High Performing Programmable Controller with Embedded Ethernet CJ2M-CPU31
"CP1L-EM" and "CP1L-EL" has a standard-feature Ethernet port.
"CP1L-M" and "CP1L-L" has a standard-feature peripheral USB port.
Function blocks (FB) allow you to build up modular structure and,
programming of ladder diagrams. Product name: DC Power Supply Unit.
Power supply voltage: 24 VDC CJ2M-CPU31 Manual. 2A;
24-VDC output capacity, 0.4A;
Total power consumption, 19.6w.
Options: 24-VDC service power supply, No;
RUN output, No; Maintenance forecast monitor, No.
Standards: UC1, N, L, CE.
Equipped with the RUN output for,
checking the operation status,
as well as the replacement.
notification function for easy,
Lineup of five models including the,
AC power supply (25W).
Stable power supply is available from the,
CJ-series CPU Unit to each I/O Units via the,
dedicated bus CJ2M-CPU31 Manual. The most suitable Power Supply,
Unit can be selected among various I/O ,
specifications and/or options OMRON PLC Manual. C200H Accessory Programming Console Adapter C200H-BP001.Power supply: DC power supply.
Output method: Transistor output source type.
Inputs points: 6 points.
Outputs points: 4 points OMRON PLC Manual. Product name: N@@-type CPU Units with 60 I/O Points.
Specifications: Power Supply, 24 VDC; Inputs, 36; Outputs, 24;
Output type: Transistor (sinking).
Program capacity: 8K steps.
memory Data capacity: 8K words.
External powersupply(24 VDC): --.
Current consumption: 5 V, 0.31A; 24 V,0 OMRON PLC Manual. 02A.
Standards: UC1, N, L, CE.
The CP1E Programmable Controller: Economical, Easy to use, and Efficient.
The E@@(S)-type Basic CPU Units provide cost,
performance and easy application with only basic functionality.
The N@@(S@) and NA-types Application CPU Units,
support Programmable Terminal connection, position control,
and inverter connection. Unit type: CJ1 Basic I/O Units.
Product name: Relay Contact Output Units.
Specifications: Output type , --;
I/O points, 16 inputs;
Maximum switching capacity, 250VAC/24VDC, 2A;
Commons, 16 points, 1 common;
External connection, Removable terminal block.
No. of words allocated: 1 word.
Current consumption: 5V, 0 CJ2M-CPU31 Safety Precautions. 11A; 24V, 0.096A max.
Standards: UC1, N, L, CE.
A Wide Range of Basic Output,
Units for High Speed Output,
and Different Applications.
These Output Units receive the ,
results of output instructions ,
from the CPU UUnit and perform ON/OFF,
control for external devices CJ2M-CPU31 Manual.
High-speed Output models CJ1W-OD213 and,
CJ1W-OD234 can help to increase system.
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