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YASKAWA Inverter series of the latest top products born!
Article source: internet Release time: 2017-4-12
Inherited YASKAWA proud of the next generation of the highest quality pedigree inverter GA700, CH700 officially released
Today, the industrial market environment is quietly changing, in the world of motor energy efficiency standards continue to be strengthened, as the industry's 4 core technology of the Internet of things brought about by its production efficiency is also increasingly concerned about. In addition, the customer's problems and needs are widely used in various industries.
"More than" Yaskawa "easy to use" and "peace of mind" concept, refresh the existing products, whether it is industrial products for general industrial machinery and equipment, and is suitable for application in various places, products market, Yaskawa continuously improve value-added products to respond to the needs of different.
As a new series of the first product release for general industrial use of GA700, as well as for the lifting industry special product CH700, which not only satisfy the function and performance of customer needs, more efficient through new motor control, in addition to the peripheral equipment integration so as to reduce the cost of the system, and can be used to rely on in the world of excellence in environmental adaptability, for high value-added mechanical devices and equipment for proposal.
The new series of frequency converter is to the customer's machinery and equipment production put forward epoch-making change of high value scheme, can realize the production efficiency, energy saving, cost reduction and environmental protection. You don't have to worry about all kinds of problems.
The utility model relates to an industrial universal frequency converter GA700, which can be widely applied to the general industrial machinery and equipment, and is especially suitable for the following purposes.
And press
Injection molding machine
Extrusion machine
Printing and packaging machinery
Textile machinery
Machine tools
CH700 is the most suitable for hoisting crane.
Bridge crane
Tower crane
Gantry crane
Ship unloader
Stacking crane
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