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OMRON SYSMAC CJ series position control unit CJ1W-NCF71 introduction
Article source: internet Release time: 2017-4-9
OMRON has introduced a position control unit that controls the motion of up to 16 axes of the system through the MECHATROLINK-II fieldbus. For the multi axis system, the position control unit can be easily changed from the machine design to the future expansion.
Smaller: before this, the W series unit must be connected to the MECHATROLINK-II module. Now, you can use the OMNUC W series AC servo driver with built-in MECHATROLINK-II communications. Can be reduced to the size of the previous 2/3 or smaller.
Single cable connection, the connection is more flexible: the servo drive connection is greatly simplified, just use a shielded twisted pair cable with MECHATROLINK-II network. The cable length is 50m (16 30m), which is more flexible and less wiring on the device.
Save initial setup and maintenance time: set servo drive parameters from PLC. This means that the setting and adjustment can be performed at one location without the need for connecting the programmable device to each servo driver. The alarm status and other information such as speed and torque can also be monitored from the PLC servo drive.
Expansion is simple: can be constructed, easy to expand the system, now use a few axes, can be extended to as many as 16 axis.
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