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Japan 2016 industrial robot output innovation high
Article source: World Wide Web Release time: 2017-6-1
According to the "Japanese economic news" reported on May 25th, the Japanese robot industry association in May 25th released data show that in 2016 industrial robot in Japan (total value of member enterprises and non member enterprises) grew 3.3%, to 703 billion 387 million yen. Although the yen appreciation of only stay in the incremental extent, but in the U.S. economic expansion, manufacturing and high automation investment China regression trend, after a lapse of 9 years exceeded 700 billion yen. The target output value in 2017 was 750 billion yen, which is expected to reach its highest level in 11 years. Good trends in Japan's related industries are expected to continue.
In 2016, Japan's robot production of 174 thousand and 606 units, an increase of 13.5%, also set a record high. The output value and output have been continuously positive for 3 years, and have maintained a high level continuously.
Shipments in 2016 grew by 4.8%, to 716 billion 22 million yen. In Japan, the display panel and semiconductor robots are also recovering, in addition to strong performance in the automotive sector. In addition, preferential tax policies have pushed up the overall shipments. Overseas, the business for the United States is outstanding, and China and Europe are also recovering.
Equipment investment is expanding globally. In addition, the demand for robots has been increasing as a result of manpower shortage in emerging market countries with more labor-intensive industries. The Japanese Robotics Industry Association believes that this trend will continue in 2017, the output value will refresh the highest record. The previous record was 730 billion 300 million yen in 2006.
The survey, from the Japan robot industry association members and non members of the survey, a total of 294 enterprises, the choice of production or shipping performance of 70, as the object of the investigation.
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