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Intelligent manufacturing welcome walk the inflection point of home appliances three giant Gexianshentong
Article source: Interface Release time: 2017-5-10
In the layout of the household electrical appliance enterprises, the second runway at the beginning, intelligent manufacturing has been given to open up new growth points and improve the operational efficiency of the dual task. However, the smart manufacturing at the beginning of the launch did not quickly become a household electrical appliance enterprises to expand profitability of the second runway, in a long period of time, the main role is also limited to reshape the production and marketing model, improve production efficiency.
Into 2017, the gradual introduction of intelligent manufacturing legs walk inflection point. China's home appliance industry pioneer who has not satisfied with the internal use, but to actively promote the intelligent manufacturing capabilities to external output, to create a real profit growth point.
China appliance network reporter combing through discovery, Qingdao Haier, Midea Group, GREE electric appliances in the recently released 2016 annual report, the output to enhance the operational efficiency and intelligent manufacturing capacity tied for 2017 and the next few years the focus of the work.
Haier's strategy is to restructure the intelligent manufacturing assets and business, to further improve the efficiency of mass customization interconnection factory at the same time, the external enterprise intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading to provide total solutions; the United States hope to grasp the industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing industry expansion opportunities, to KUKA platform around the industrial robots, robots, service robots and artificial commercial continue to carry out intelligent layout, and actively expand the key parts in the field of industrial automation; GREE said it will accelerate the development of intelligent equipment and mold industry market, closely around the machine and precision machine tools in two areas in-depth study, for China manufacturing 2025 providing independent research and development of high-end equipment.
Use effect prominent
The 2025 China intelligent manufacturing manufacturing and sales model, household electrical appliance enterprises remodeling, constantly optimize the intelligent decision-making, the whole process of collaboration management level at the same time, also provides a solid foundation for the high precision of a variety of customized solution to meet the needs of individual users.
Peking University Institute of Technology Professor Shi Leyuan director of Department of industrial engineering and management, big data, cloud computing, intelligent technology is the three largest power manufacturing industry upgrading, and constantly promote the transformation of mass production to mass customization.
According to Haier home appliance industry group vice president Wang Youning introduction, Haier air conditioning accumulation of large data types is quite comprehensive, not only manufacturing plant and sales data, and user interaction with the data, such as environmental data, users home and community user consumption data. At present, Haier air conditioning system of the big data in 32 countries covering 442 main city and global China, big data generated in the interaction with the user in the process has reached about 50000000000, including about 20000000000 data user response demand, while Haier air conditioning daily data level is 50 million.
As of October 2016, Haier has built 8 Internet factory model. Driven by the whole process of interconnection ecosystem, Haier's operational efficiency improved significantly, the new product development cycle reduced by 50%, the order delivery cycle shortened by 70%. Among them, the 2016 sales of customized products reached 1 million 90 thousand units, an increase of more than 600%.
Haier, GREE, the United States and the two companies are also quite effective transformation and upgrading.
According to GREE's marketing department, said the relevant personnel, in 2016 GREE through the creation of intelligent equipment to achieve automated production, the overall production efficiency increased by 10.5%. In the operation of the management system of manufacturing system with "double effect" as the center under the direct control of project efficiency of 4294, equivalent to 2244 hours control staff efficiency; through new technology development and utilization, optimize the quality inspection procedures, production line arrangement optimization of the project implementation, the annual total cost reduction amount of about 387 million yuan.
In addition, in order to represent the transformation of intelligent manufacturing measures, not only to increase the number of robots and enhance the level of automation, but also enhance the overall efficiency of enterprises. Official data released by the United States, since 2011, the transition, the per capita efficiency of enterprises increased by 90.9%, inventory turnover increased by 34.1%.
Deputy director of the state information center, said Cai Ying, deputy director of the development of large data to participate in product research and development, manufacturing, and thus create a link to create a win-win situation for all resources. Intelligent interconnection factory mass customization mode to achieve a real "user" and "customer", but also provides a new idea for manufacturing mode innovation of China's household electrical appliance industry intelligence, shows a new prospect from the cost drivers to user driven intelligent application.
Different output
Currently, Haier, the United States, GREE both intelligent equipment as a tool to enhance the operation, but also intelligent manufacturing as a profitable second runway". However, in the actual content output, the practice of three companies are not the same.
Haier said in its annual report 2016, the Haier Internet factory pattern and knowledge, digital products, industrial Internet platform to build independent intellectual property rights of the COSMOPlat, in the integration of the existing intelligent equipment, intelligent control, mould, Chi Research Institute and other capacity at the same time, for the enterprise to provide the overall software and hardware integration, intelligent manufacturing and fusion solutions and value-added services to upgrade. Three companies, Haier more light, with the obvious characteristics of the Internet, providing a full range of intelligent manufacturing solutions.
GREE more heavy, the focus of the market in the development of intelligent equipment and mold industry, providing support for the outside world is the robot and precision machine tools and other hardware.
The United States is more real, a profound manifestation of the world's leading consumer appliances, HVAC, robotics and industrial automation technology group positioning. The United States in the 2016 annual report made it clear that will continue to enrich and solve technical and product reserve scheme in the field of motion control and automation, improve the industrial robot platform layout, with the platform around the KUKA industrial robots, robots, commercial service robots and artificial intelligence into the layout, and actively expand the key parts in the field of industrial automation.
The output of the United States not only includes industrial robots, but also includes commercial robots, service robots and artificial intelligence technology, etc.. Moreover, under the driving of intelligent manufacturing, Midea Group T+3 production and marketing model to improve the product structure, business cycle, the level of cash flow significantly.
Although the pioneers of China's home appliance industry has already had the ability to produce intelligent manufacturing solutions, but in the face of complex transformation and upgrading of the road, most Chinese manufacturing enterprises still have a long way to go.
Professor Leyuan Shi said that the mention of big data people tend to think of the Alibaba, Jingdong such as Internet companies, but in fact the distribution in big data from all walks of life, the manufacturing industry is the largest and most complex. The manufacturing industry is facing numerous data split, complex, but also faces a lot of data fault. There are a lot of longitudinal data, but there is no link and application of horizontal data. Manufacturing enterprises also need to improve data collection and application ability gezonglianheng, to truly meet the needs of mass customization manufacturing.


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