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H1000 heavy load high performance inverter
Article source: Release time: 2017-5-3
The new "H1000" heavy load Yaskawa inverter, stabilizing outstanding in the heavy industry!
The industry's leading driver performance, advanced motor drive technology, bringing the peak level of efficient operation.
It can be based on different uses to maximize the strengths, both in terms of performance or control are trustworthy!
"H1000" is being made to show its attitude, comprehensive help your work.
High output & high performance
Reliable torque limit (for induction motors, synchronous motors)
When the machine is in need of protection, the output torque is limited by the high precision torque limiting function under the vector control.
When a sudden load change, the mechanical function is protected by the torque limiting function.
High control accuracy (for induction motors, synchronous motors)
High control precision to improve mechanical performance.
A new way of online self-learning and adaptive control to suppress the impact of motor temperature rise.
High response and vibration prevention
IM motor, PM motor can achieve more than 50Hz speed response. (PG control)
Mechanical rigidity of the occasion, through the acceleration and deceleration compensation (feedforward function), you can achieve the vibration - overshoot response. The speed controller (ASR) is easy to debug.
Acceleration and deceleration time - S word characteristics switch, so that the smooth acceleration and deceleration.
High precision torque control (for induction motors, synchronous motors)
IM motor, PM motor can achieve high-precision torque control (+ 5%). With PG vector control can be.
It can realize the speed limit input mode, the speed priority loop operation, the fine adjustment of the torque instruction polarity.
Adaptive control can suppress the temperature rise of the motor and the effect of electric / regenerative switching.
Convenience & Environmental Protection
Custom converter
Equipped with visual programming function of DriveWorksEZ
Equipped with USB port, easy to connect to the computer
Easy debugging
Automatically set the most appropriate parameters
Environmental resistance
Environmental resistance design
Standard products comply with RoHS (European specific hazardous substances use restrictions) directive
The Swing PWM method is used to suppress the electromagnetic interference and reduce the harsh noise
Power harmonic suppression
Multiple communication card
Standard equipped with RS-422/485 communication function
Install optional communication card, can be used for PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, CC-Link, CANopen, LONWORKS, MECHATROLINK- of II* and other web site
Wiring and space saving, mechanical design, installation, maintenance are convenient
Long-Life Technology
Inverter design life: 10 years
Because the rotor of the synchronous motor has no copper loss and the bearing temperature is low, the service life of the motor is about 2 times of that of the induction motor
The warning signal of the wearing parts can be output through the prediction of the service life
Simple maintenance
The industry is the first with the function of the function of the backup terminal block
Support tools DriveWizard Plus*
Parameter copy function
Safety & Reliability
Meet safety standards
Comply with EN954-1 Cat.3 and IEC/EN61508 SIL2
Added EDM (External Device Monitor) function that can monitor security functions
Reliable braking function
The use of over excitation braking function, no braking resistor can also emergency braking
The model of the built-in brake transistor is extended, and the braking force can be obtained by increasing the braking resistance
Power failure safety
Equipped with power failure when the motor is not running freely, and can quickly and safely stop KEB (Kinetic Energy Back-up) function
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