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Name: parts
Model: A640GOT-L

Category: slave station.
Transfer speed: 125kbps/250kbps/500kbps/1Mbps.
Transmission line form: bus system.
Total distance: 125kbps:1000m/250kbps:800m/500kbps:480m/1Mbps:240m.
The maximum connection units: 32.
Total points: input + output <=2048 point.
MITSUBISHI PLC detection, fault diagnosis and display and other procedures MITSUBISHI A640GOT-L.
These procedures are relatively independent, generally in the basic completion of the program design and then add A640GOT-L
MITSUBISHI PLC protection and chain procedures.
Protection and chain is an indispensable part of the program, must be carefully considered.
It can avoid the control logic confusion caused by illegal operations. Input and output points: 512 points.
Input / output data points: 512 points MITSUBISHI A640GOT-L.
Program capacity: 8k.
Basic command processing speed (LD command) S:1.25.
RAM memory capacity: 32K bytes.
DC24V power supply.
DIN rail adapter.
The popularization and application of PLC programming has been developed rapidly in our country,
It has been widely used in all kinds of mechanical equipment and production process of electrical control devices,
All walks of life have emerged a large number of application of PLC transformation of the results of the equipment MITSUBISHI A640GOT-L.
Understand the working principle of PLC, have the ability to design, debug and maintain the PLC control system,
Has become the basic requirements of modern industry for electrical technicians and engineering students MITSUBISHI parts.
Switching value, also known as logic, refers to only two values, 0 or 1, ON or OFF MITSUBISHI parts.
It is the most common control, it is the advantage of PLC control,
Is also the most basic application of PLC.
Structured text language is a programming language that describes a program with a structured description of the text.
It is a programming language similar to a high level language MITSUBISHI parts. In large and medium-sized PLC systems, structured text is often used to describe the relationship between the variables in the control system.
Mainly used for other programming languages more diffiicult to achieve the user program A640GOT-L.
Input status and input information input from the input interface,
CPU will be stored in the working data memory or in the input image register.
And then combine the data and the program with CCPU MITSUBISHI A640GOT-L.
The result is stored in the output image register or the working data memory,
And then output to the output interface, control the external drive.

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