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E6A2-CS5C 100P/R 2M OMRON E6A2-CS5C 100P/R 2M

Country: JAPAN
Market price: U.S.$ 0
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
Size: 48 x 48mm.
Control output 1: voltage output (SSR driver).
Control output 2: voltage output (SSR driver).
Auxiliary output: 2 independent points.
Power supply voltage: AC100 ~ 240V.
Terminal type: screw terminal table type.
Input category: full range multi input.
Heater break, SSR fault detection function: - OMRON E6A2-CS5C 100P/R 2M.
Communication: -.
Event input: 2 points.
Remote SP input: there.
Transfer output: - E6A2-CS5C 100P/R 2M
Using large font PV display (white), improve visibility.
Selection, operation and setting.
Functional performance of input and output points.
Support for more extensive range of applications OMRON E6A2-CS5C 100P/R 2M.
Using high PV 15.2mm display (white), improve visibility.
High speed sampling to achieve 50ms .
With auxiliary output (maximum 3 points), event input (maximum 4 points), the transmission output,
Remote SP input function, support for a variety of applications.
E5CC 60mm has a depth of slender body.
The use of communication adapter cable (sold separately) connected with a computer.
After that, no power supply connection can be set OMRON E6A2-CS5C 100P/R 2M.
It can be easily set by CX-Thermo (sold separately) .
Easy to connect with PLC through no program communication.
Combined temperature control device through component communication. Size: M12 (brass), single distance, non shield type.
Detection distance: 20mm.
Connection mode: lead type (cable length is 2M and 5m two).
Thread length: long thread type.
Output type: NPN.
Action mode NO.
Set up the new standard of the world economy proximity sensor.
OMRON as a pioneer and leader in proximity sensor industry,
Now bring you a new E2B proximity sensor with high performance to price ratio.
This series of products are complete,
Aimed at reasonable prices to meet customer demand for high quality and high reliability of the sensor.
We have tested the product not only on the protection level (IP67) specific item,
The oil spray test was carried out on the condition of the work site.
Simulation test was carried out in the environment of high oil mist concentration. Type: Bifurcated model.
DC: Minimum order, 20.
Water- and Environment-resistive FA.
Connectors Save Wiring and Maintenance Effort.
Compact FA connectors meet IP67 reequirements and ensure aa,
94V-0 fire retardant rating E6A2-CS5C 100P/R 2M.
A wide array of connectors makes a wiring system more modular,
simplifies maintenance, and reduces downtime.
Connectors with Cables and Connector Assemblies are available.
Three types of CConnnector Assembly: Crimping, soldering, and screw-on E6A2-CS5C 100P/R 2M.
Connectors with Cables are UL certified.
Based on IEC61076-2-101 (IEC60947-5-2) and NECA 4202.
E6A2-CS5C 100P/R 2M Operation manual/Instructions/Model selection sample download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=E6A2-CS5C 100P/R 2M&select=5

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