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MITSUBISHI FX Ethernet MC communications applications in industry 4.0
Article source: Release time: 2017-4-9

LINGKONG GUIDE:With the rapid development of modern society, information exchange becomes more and more important, the amount of data exchange is also increasing, more and more quickly, we are familiar with the mobile phone communication industry has developed by 2G for faster 4G, and immediately put into operation 5G. Similarly, in the industrial control industry, the number and speed of data exchange also raised a high demand, the original RS232, RS485 communication has been unable to meet the needs of large data exchange. Instead of faster Ethernet communications.

1 project industry and background
Because of the increase of labor costs in recent years, the electronic processing industry by artificial manufacturing gradually to the original mechanical automation and robotics over an electronic factory in the processing process of LCD screen, LCD screen size to distinguish the original is done by hand, it is not only the efficiency is too slow, and the time cost and labor costs are very high, in order to save time and labor costs, effectively separate different batches of different specifications of the LCD screen area, and the effective management of products, so it is necessary to develop a sorting machine.
2 process introduction
Since each LCD screen before storage, material information is not entered into the MES system, it is necessary to contain different information on the LCD screen for classification, and each LCD screen ID information into the MES system.
3 project uses MITSUBISHI FA product information
Because the machine from the station controller more, if the use of CC-Link network communication, then the master station and intelligent equipment station need to add the CC-Link module, which will increase the cost of equipment, and used with a built-in Ethernet port of the Q series of CPU and FX3GE with Ethernet port just to solve the problem of cost. Q series built-in Ethernet has 16 channels to meet the number of FX3GE and touch screen, the visual link requirements, and the use of Ethernet communication between Q PLC and FX3GE body, communication speed and volume of data and refresh time can meet the requirements, and FX3GE-40MT/ES as three can control the pulse output from the station, in the servo control on the number of to meet the requirements. The main body uses Q series CPU and QD77MS series servo positioning module, which not only saves a lot of wiring, but also saves the cost of program development, and can meet the requirements of the number of control shaft.
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