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Application of MITSUBISHI PLC and e-View touch screen products in wastewater treatment
Article source: Release time: 2017-4-24
Sustainable development is based on the sustainable development of resources and ecology, which requires the coordination of economic construction and social development and natural carrying capacity. Governance environment, in order to promote the sustainable utilization and environmental protection coordinated economic development and resources, to create a good environment for the realization of sustainable development, the hotel is also the city sewage sewage treatment project management, it affects people's living environment, along with the development and progress of science, people are eager to have a good living environment. The corresponding to the hotel and wastewater treatment system of the higher degree of automation, so in recent years the application of automation products in the hotel sewage treatment system in the more popular.
Process description
By referring to the same type of wastewater treatment engineering design experience, combined with the treatment scale of this project, through a variety of alternatives, the project decided to adopt FASA technology and supporting the integration of MJKK sets of processing equipment and MJK purifying agent and disinfectant.
1 FASA process and characteristics;
1.1 FASA process;
FASA process is a fast reaction precipitation adsorption process, it uses physicochemical method, unique design concept, its core is the use of MJK water purification agent, disinfectant and MJKK integrated water treatment equipment, the hotel, hotel, hospital, city sewage after simple dosing and precipitation process todischarge. The test results show that, for the domestic sewage of sewage purification agent 30, 40mg/L, disinfectant dosing of - 20mg/L, can meet the national requirements of the GB8978 - 1996 "integrated wastewater discharge standards".
1.2 FASA process features are mainly reflected in the following three aspects;
1.2.1 excellent decontamination effect, not only in the sewage CODC R, high removal rate of BOD5, but also in the nitrogen and phosphorus treatment.
1.2.2 simple treatment process;
The process is simple and compact, not only refers to the sewage and sludge treatment system is simple, but also includes the use of FASA technology to build sewage treatment station construction process, the operation of the process of simplicity.
1.2.3 excellent impact resistance performance; performance for the impact of water load is particularly strong adaptability.
2 process flow and description:
2.2 process description:
The 2.2.1FASA process is not sensitive to the change of incoming water quantity, and has strong adaptability to impact load. In this scheme, the small space inclined plate rapid sedimentation process can greatly improve the sewage treatment capacity of the equipment, and reduce the occupation and investment of the capital construction.
Considering the specific situation of 2.2.2 Hotel, in the scheme, using FASA technology and MJKK integration of water treatment equipment, reduce the quantity of earthwork excavation and construction, make full use of the advantages of equipment, reduce the construction investment.
2.2.3 equipment is equipped with MJKK integrated water purification treatment equipment which is convenient to manage, easy to maintain and operate stably.
Six. Architectural, structural design
6.1 buildings:
In accordance with the current national norms, in order to meet the technical requirements of the premise, and strive to achieve advanced technology, economic and reasonable, environmental protection. Adopting FASA process scheme.
6.2 structure:
6.2.1 building: according to the hotel's conventional practices and standard solutions, FASA process plan using the whole steel body structure, based on the frame strip foundation.
6.2.2 structure: FASA process adopted by the MJKK integration of all molten steel processing equipment, special anti-corrosion treatment.
1, MJKK equipment in the structure of the use of carbon steel and special anti-corrosion treatment of a variety of process tubes, boxes, tanks and other process components, its compact structure. MJKK equipment sedimentation tank adopts flat flow inclined plate sedimentation tank. The upper part of the utility model is covered with a cap, and the volatile gas is collected and processed through pipeline collection to remove odor. On the basis of overcoming the clogging of the inclined plate sludge, the surface load of the sedimentation tank is increased, the processing efficiency is improved, and the area of the sedimentation tank is reduced.
MJKK equipment mud dumping at the bottom of the tank using multi bucket gravity mud, sludge through the pipeline to the concentration of the pool, the concentration of the pool dehydration or further digestion.
MJKK equipment control system adopts advanced touch screen, with beautiful, durable, stable performance, convenient operation and other advantages, the MJKK integrated water treatment equipment, more standardized, complete, advanced and scientific to improve the overall performance of the equipment.
2, CCM set, dosing device, drug solution preparation, storage, feeding, automatic control functions such as integration, is not only suitable for the large-scale sewage treatment plant tap water factory, etc., more suitable for small and medium-sized factories, hotels, hospital wastewater disinfection and purification.
The working principle of the utility model is that the medicament is automatically controlled and measured from the funnel, and enters into the mixer, and then enters the mixing tank to be diluted to reach the required concentration. The diluted liquid medicine flows into the storage tank automatically, and is sent to the liquid medicine adding point through the metering pump on the machine. When the medicament in the storage tank is in the low liquid level, the liquid level sensor triggers the liquid level switch signal, and starts the equipment to carry out the liquid medicine preparation process. The controller monitors the amount of sewage, the controller calculates the dosage of reagents concentration according to the requirements, so as to adjust the chemical dosage, to ensure that the liquid concentration even in the sewage flow fluctuations can still ensure the treatment effect constant.
Applicable scope of drugs; all solid and liquid disinfectants, flocculants, water purification agent.
Adding device features;
High degree of automation, intelligent control system;
Safe and reliable. The system will shut down automatically and send out alarm signal;
Good corrosion resistance. All the corrosion resistance treatment was carried out with the media;
The equipment is small in size and easy to install;
Can be installed in the field, can also be installed at a distance.
Seven. Power and control
7.1 FASA process scheme for power station; in FASA sewage treatment process scheme for the construction of two kinds of power load, power supply safety, once a long time blackout will cause an overflow of sewage treatment equipment, affecting the normal operation of the sewage, causing environmental pollution. In this case, the sewage treatment station should be equipped with double circuit power supply to ensure the normal operation of sewage treatment station.
7.2 high and low voltage system; the system uses three-phase five wire (AC380V) power supply, should be equipped with double power supply automatic switching (one with a preparation), to ensure that all power supply. High voltage low voltage measurement. The low voltage system uses the fixed switch cabinet, the low voltage distribution uses the trunk type and the radiation type union way. The power of the equipment is more than 22KW, and the time delay start mode is adopted. Buildings and structures are built according to three types of lightning protection buildings, low voltage system protection for the TN-9 system.
7.3 automatic control mode;
7.3.1 the system uses DCS control mode, mainly with strong and weak power control system, the control of the host using imported PLC programmable controller, the upper machine using color touch screen to achieve centralized monitoring.
The 7.3.2 system is a complete set of equipment of the heart, is the control part of the whole sewage treatment, to achieve the automation of the whole process of sewage treatment, the color touch screen setting process parameters, automatic control equipment operation by the control center, by electromagnetic flowmeter detection water quantity automatic adding unit dosage (the use of PLC in the regulation of PID complete), timely monitoring of water quality, the site for unmanned operation, to ensure the water quality stable quality, and with fault alarm and emergency system, ensure the safe operation of equipment.
7.3.3 each process equipment can be controlled by PLC unit. The operation of the equipment is: switch cabinet (box) on the operation, the operation of the machine, the monitoring terminal touch screen operation.
The contents of the 7.3.4 table are as follows: the sewage water temperature, the influent flow of sewage, the water level difference between the front and back of the coarse and fine grids, the water quality in and out of the water, and the limit liquid level of each pool.
7.3.5FASA process selection of the instrument is: high precision, good stability, maintenance free digital display instrument, the specific control flow chart.
7.3.6 PLC and EasyView touch screen programming
Using SWOPC-FXGP/WIN VERSION 3 and EasyBuilder500 software programming.
(1) in order to control the dosing of the dosing device, the PID function of the FXON-3A simulation module and the CPU processor of FX2N-64MR-001 is programmed.
(2) part of the touch screen program.
Eight. Running cost
8.1 operating costs;
To the price of 0.55 yuan / degree, disinfectant of $9200 / ton, water purification agent of 4900 yuan / ton, FASA process tons of water running a direct cost of $0.36 / ton. Among them, 0.196 yuan / ton, electricity fee of $0.156 / ton.


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