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Application of MITSUBISHI FX3U PLC and CCD camera angle positioning
Article source: Release time: 2017-5-10
The traditional industry by the artificial original gradually to the machinery automation evolution, pure handmade has been difficult to meet the rapid development of enterprises, in order to improve the production quality and production efficiency, and more and more inclined to use the machine to replace the traditional mode of production. The following is a customized automated processing equipment for a company.
Project using MITSUBISHI FX3u-128MTPLC. Because the material feeding mechanism can not ensure the consistency of the angle, the CCD camera is combined with angle positioning.
The D100, D101, and D102 values are set to 0 before each PLC request is detected. Set the D100.0 to 1 and start the test request.
When the PLC is sent to detect the request, you can detect the D100.1, such as D100.1 is 1 to complete the test, you can extract the other values of the D register, and reset the D100.0 to 0.
D100.0 requirements for PLC testing. 1 for request detection; 0 is not detected. Upon receipt of the CCD controller, the PLC will reset the D100.0 to 0
D register definition:
D100.1 for detection is completed. 1 for the completion of the test; 0 for the detection is not completed. Set it up 0 times before each PLC request is detected.
D100.2 for the detection of qualified. 1 for the detection of qualified; 0 for the detection of substandard.
D100.3 is the positive and negative of the angle deviation. 1 is negative; the 0 is positive. -180 degrees to +180 degrees.
D101 is the absolute value of the angle deviation. The unit for the actual "degree" value multiplied by 100 and rounded. If a pulse is equal to 0.01 degrees, it can be used as the actual number of pulses.
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