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OMRON C500-CT041 Macro Reference

Product model: C500-CT041
Name: Safety Light Curtain
Brand: OMRON
Sort: Macro Reference
File language: English
File size: 7.62MB
Model : CVM1D-PA212.
Attach two things in the same format in each base Please you.Product name: CJ2H CPU Units.
Specifications: I/O capacity/Mountable Units(Expansion Racks),
2,560 points/40 Units(3 Expansion Racks max.) ;
Program capacity, 250K steps; Data memory capacity,
512K words(DM: 32K words, EM: 32K words × 15 banks);
LD nstructio execution time, 0 C500-CT041 . 016 μs.
Current consumption(A): 5V,0 C500-CT04142(See note.); 24v, --.
Standards: UC1, N, L, CE.
CJ2H for high speed, high capacity.
The CJ2H Series is ideal for advanced machine.
automation needs such as those required in image.
processing inspection of electrical components and,
high speed sorting on conveyors. Model: C200H-IA122 C500-CT041 .
No. of inputs: 16 pts.
Input voltage: 100 to 120 VAC, +10%/–15%.
Input current: 10mA, 100VAC.
Isolation: Photo-coupler.
Indica-tor: LED.
External connec-tions: Remove-able termi-nal blocks.
Inputs percom-mon: 16 pts.
Internal currentcon-sump-tioI/O Control UnitProduct name: N@@-type CPU Units with 30 I/O Points.
Specifications: Power Supply, 100 to 240 VAC; Inputs, 8; Outputs, 6;
Output type: Relay C500-CT041 .
Program capacity: 8K steps.
memory Data capacity: 8K words.
External powersupply(24 VDC): --.
Current consumption: 5 V, 0.17A; 24 V,0.07A.
Standards: UC1, N, L, CE.
The CP1E Programmable Controller: Economical, Easy to use, and Efficient.
The E@@(S)-type Basic CPU Units provide cost,
performance and easy application with only basic functionality.
The N@@(S@) and NA-types Application CPU Units,
support Programmable Terminal connection, position control,
and inverter connection. Model: C200HW-ME04K.
Capacity: 4K words.CV500-BS CPU Bus Unit BASIC Unit CV500-BSC51.
RS-232C: 1 port.
GP-IB: 1 port.
(w/o EEPROM).UM: 7.2K words.
DM: 6K words.
EM: --.
Instruction processing time (basic instructions): 0.3 µ.s min.
No. of I/O points: 880 points.
Max. no.of con-necting Expansion I/O Racks: 2 Racks.
Max. no. of connecting High-density I/O Units(i.e., Group-2): Unavailable.
Max. no. of con-necting Special I/O Units: 10.
RS-232C: NO.Unit type: CS1 CPU Bus Units.
compatible Position Control Unit.
Specifications: Control commands,
executed by MECHATROLINK-II,
synchronous communications.
Direct operation by ladder,
programming, Control mode:
Position control, speed control,
or torque control; No. of axes: 2.
No. of unit numbers alloccated: 1 C500-CT041 Macro Reference.
Current consumption: 5V, 0.36A; 26V, --.
Standards: UC1, CE.
Decrease TCO with Simple Operation,
Reduced Wiring, Batch Settings,
and Batch Management.
Control Servos for up to 16 axes,
in a motion networkk with one Position,
Control Unit that supports MECHATROLINK-II C500-CT041 Macro Reference.
MECHATROLINK-II is a registered trademark,
of the MECHATROLINK Members Association.
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