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CVM1-CPU11-V2 Macro Reference OMRON CVM1-CPU11-V2 Cv Support Sortware Version 2: Online Manual

Product model: CVM1-CPU11-V2
Name: Safety Light Curtain
Brand: OMRON
Sort: Cv Support Sortware Version 2: Online Macro Reference
File language: English
File size: 22.43MB
Number of outputs: 8 pts.
Input Voltage: 250 VAC, 24 VAC.
Max Switching Current: 2 Amps.
Common Type: Independent.Unit type: CS1 Basic I/O Units.
Product name: Relay Output Units.
Specifications:12 to 24 VDC,
0.5A 32 outputs; Sinking.
Mountable Racks: CPU Rack, CS1W-BC,
@@3, Yes, @@2, Yes;
C200HX/HG/HE Expansion I/O Rack, No OMRON CVM1-CPU11-V2 Manual.
CS1 Expansion Rack, CS1W-BI,
@@3, Yes, @@2, Yes;
CS1 Long distance Expansion Rack, Yes;
SYSMAC BUS Slave Rack, No CVM1-CPU11-V2
Words required: 2 words.
Current consumption: 5V system, 0.27A;
26 V system, --.
Standards: UC1, N, L, CE.
Multi-application Controllers:
From High-performance Machine C,
Highly Reliable Process Control. Model: C200HW-COM04-V1.
Specifications: Communications port for the Controller Link, SYSMAC LINK Units, one RS-232C port, and a protocol macro function OMRON CVM1-CPU11-V2 Manual. I/O points: 256 pts.
Program capacity(words): 7.2 K.
DM capacity (words): 6 K.
RS-232C port: YES.
Pulse I/O: YES.Model: C200H-B7A02.
I/O points: 32 output points.
Weight: 300g max.Connects SYSMAC LINK Unit, Controller Link Unit to CPU Unit.
For 1 Unit.Specification: Platinum resistance thermometer input (Pt100, JPt100),
manual operation,
ON/OFF or advanced PID control,
transistor (PNP) output, 4 loops OMRON CVM1-CPU11-V2 Manual. Size: 35mm.
Type: 4 lines.
Lighting voltage: DC24V.
Color: pure white.
Large tactile buttons and uniform lighting to create a general space.
Backlight brings a uniform, elegant and pleasant lighting.
Large tactile buttons are easier to touch.
Drive rod mechanism to keep the direction of the parallel button, even if the pressure on the side of the.
Damping mechanism to ensure high impact resistance.
A slim body with a thickness of 14.6 mm. Model: C200H-OD215.
No. of outputs: 32 pts.
Specifications: 24 VDC.Name: Connector.
Model: C200H-CE002.Model: C200H-DA001.
Input points: 2.
Voltage input: 1 to 5V or 0 to 10 V.
Current input: 4 to 20 mA.Name: MIL Connectors.
Specifications: Inputs/Outputs;
16 inputs/16 outputs ; PNP; --.
"Easy" and "Flexible" system expansion,
with linked CC-Link and CompoNet.
Branching is easily made with CompoNet.
Wiring material cost can be reducced CVM1-CPU11-V2 Macro Reference.
Bit-level I/O distribution reduces,
wiring in the system.
A wide variety of CompoNet Slave Units,
contribute to system size reduction.
Seven-segment Display on the Gateway Unit,
helps to detect errors on sitee CVM1-CPU11-V2 Macro Reference.
The Participation Flags and Communications,
Error Flags can be checked at the Host,
Controller to detect the location and,
content of the error.
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