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FX1N-14MR-ES/UL PDF catalog MITSUBISHI PLC FX1N-14MR-ES/UL datasheet PDF datasheet

Product model: FX1N-14MR-ES/UL
Name: PLC
Sort: PDF datasheet
File language: English
File size: 50.49MB
Power: 55kw.
Voltage: 400V.
Purpose: high frequency braking resistor.
The braking ability provided by the braking capacity is larger than that provided by the external braking resistor.
Can also be connected without built-in brake transistor inverter.
Three types of discharge resistors are available MITSUBISHI PLC PDF datasheet.
Please select according to the required braking torque. MITSUBISHI inverter series: FR-A800 FX1N-14MR-ES/UL
Voltage level: three phase 400V.
Power: 75kw.
SLD converter rated current: 216A.
Structure and function: Standard model.
Type: CA.
Substrate coating: have.
Mirror like ultra fine processing.
In order to adapt to the new material diversification, the machine adopts the most cutting-edge technology, more than ever more slim hard MITSUBISHI PLC PDF datasheet.
In order to be able to realize the fine cutting, grinding on the hard and hard material,
The need for high-speed operation has become more and more strong.
In order to cope with the increasing demand of logistics, every port in the world has a crane in every day.
A container filled with cargo.
We can achieve a new type of inverter products under the conditions of low speed and high torque to achieve smooth cargo handling operations,
Carry on the smooth movement to the heavy MITSUBISHI PLC PDF datasheet. MITSUBISHI inverter FR-A720 series.
Voltage level: 3 phase 200V.
Frequency converter capacity: 0.4KW.
Inverter output for the PWM wave, containing more harmonic FX1N-14MR-ES/UL PDF datasheet.
Frequency conversion power sensor through the input voltage and current signals to exchange sampling,
Sampling value through cable, optical fiber and other transmission systems and digital input frequency conversion power analyzer,
The sampling value of the voltage and current is calculated by the digital input frequency conversion power analyzer,
It can obtain the parameters such as voltage effective value, current effective value, fundamental wave voltage, fundamental current, harmonic voltage, harmonic current, active power, fundamental wave power and harmonic power FX1N-14MR-ES/UL PDF datasheet FX1N-14MR-ES/UL PDF datasheet. Convert connector to screw relay terminal.
According to the location of the connection equipment distribution module. The operation, monitoring, parameter modification and other operations can be carried out by computer or PLC.Output points: 16 points.
Power supply: the basic unit to the expansion module to provide power FX1N-14MR-ES/UL PDF catalog.
Output form: transistor output (source).
Terminal type: connector type.
Weight: 0.15kg.
FX3GC, FX3UC can be directly connected to the input and output expansion equipment, to achieve a compact expansiion MITSUBISHI PLC PDF datasheet.
Can choose 16 points, 32 points of the relay or transistor input and output models.
FX2NC-16E_-T-DS for terminal units can be disassembled models.
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