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Yaskawa SGDV-180A11B002000 USER'S MANUAL AC Servo Drives Design and Maintenance Manual

Product model: SGDV-180A11B002000
Name: AC Servo Drives
Brand: Yaskawa
Sort: Design and Maintenance USER'S MANUAL
File language: English
File size: 5.06MB
High performance, use the best type of servo unit (purpose type).
Maximum applicable motor capacity: 0.05kw.
Power supply voltage: single phase AC100V.
Interface: MECHATROLINK-III communication command type (linear servo motor).
Design sequence: B.
Hardware specifications: paint.
Interface: fixed point through output function SGDV-180A11B002000 Manual.
Use the best type of sigma -V-FT series
According to different uses, there are 5 equipped with a convenient function of the servo unit models SGDV-180A11B002000
FT001 (vibration suppression function to upgrade specifications): by strengthening the vibration suppression function, shorten the positioning time.
FT003 (pressure feedback function): high precision pressure control, to promote the high performance of the device SGDV-180A11B002000 Manual.
FT005 (support for rotary table purposes): with the rotation of the coordinate function and fixed point through the output function, can be smooth and high-precision control of rotary table.
FT006 (fixed point through the output function): no need to pass through the upper device can be set through the output (Chu Fa).
FT008 (absolute value system support): the absolute value of the system can be constructed by any upper controller SGDV-180A11B002000 Manual. Sigma -v series servo unit SGDV.
Maximum applicable motor capacity: 1kw.
Power supply voltage: three phase AC400V.
Design sequence: A type.
Interface: MECHATROLINK- II communication command type (rotary servo motor) Yaskawa AC Servo Drives Manual.
Optional (hardware): DB resistance external type.
Realize real time communication Yaskawa AC Servo Drives Manual.
The maximum transmission speed of 10Mbps and can be set to the communication cycle 250 s ~ 4ms,
Achieved a maximum of 30 stations in the high speed control. Through the high speed of communication,
Can send and receive all kinds of control information in real time.
Energy saving and high efficiency Yaskawa AC Servo Drives Manual.
A maximum of 30 stations can be connected to the communication lines, can significantly reduce the wiring costs and time.
The command connector of the upper controller only needs 1,
Pulse ggenerator for D/A converter or position instruction without speed / torque command SGDV-180A11B002000 USER'S MANUAL.
High precision motion control is realized.
In addition to torque, position and speed control, but also to achieve high precision synchronizzation phase control SGDV-180A11B002000 Manual.
Because the control mode can be switched on line, the complicated mechanical action can be realized more effectively and smoothly.
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